I was thinking about this today and I thought I would ask you guys… what is it about the sporty themed hardcore videos that does it for us?

After talking to a friend of mine he suggested that his fascination with it all started when he was in college. He was one a couple of sports teams and he would always get hard in the locker rooms before and after. He would have to put his cock up under his waistband to hide his boner :)

He says it was all the testosterone, and being around all those fit guys with their dicks out, usually semi hard as guys checked out all the other cocks in the room. I guess that’s a perfect way to make a fetish though, right? lol

I think it might have been the same for me. One of the first experiences I had was with a friend who used to play football, one afternoon I went over to his house and he was still wearing his football kit while we wanked off over some of his brothers porn mags.

Of course it helps that there’s a lot of footballers out there (soccer for our American friends) who are drop dead gorgeous too. Would any of us turn down the chance to enjoy David Beckhams cock? Or how about Cristiano Ronaldo? How about Manuel Neuer?

I’m the same with Rugby too, or Swimming, or Athletics… get a hot guy with a fit body in some sports gear and I’m theirs for the taking, put us both in a locker room or showers and I think I would pass out lol

So what about you guys? What is it about sporty porn that does it for you? Let me know in the comments and share your views with the rest of the fans :)