They always say that it doesn’t pay to be too self-obsessed, but when it comes to satisfying our horny legion of cock-obsessed fans we’ve long since discovered that hiding lamps under bushels isn’t the wisest policy. Indeed, if you don’t sing your own praises then who the fuck will? LOL

However, it would seem that we aren’t the only ones who think what we’re producing in terms of twink porn is getting better and better. Well, that’s if our scoring system on the Staxus clubsite is anything to go by.

This time last year we were clocking up an average of 4.3 per scene – still pretty impressive, of course. But this summer we’ve noticed that our average score is pushing over 4.6 – almost nearing perfection!

So what do you think? Are we really better than ever? Or are our fans just getting more generous with their markings?

Maybe today’s collection of recent encounters on will help you decide …