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New Scene on Staxus: Bathtub fornication HD

It is always going to be great to see Kris Wallace in a Staxus video, and young Chase Anderson is gaining a great following on the site since he arrived too. But there’s a lot about this video aside from the boys in it that makes it something a little more special.

To start with it’s a slightly romantic gay porn video with two boys who really have some chemistry going on between them. I’ve always believed that you can usually tell when the performers have a connection with each other in the way the sex is enjoyed and the way they respond to each other, and I believe that this can’t always be changed by editing. So, when you have some real passion going on it makes it even more obvious in the final video.

The way this is filmed and presented is also pretty amazing. We’ve seen the style at Staxus change a little over the last year or so and the camera work and the quality of the end product has been clearly improving, even though it’s always been pretty great. This scene shows that well, with some really clever angles and some great skill in editing.

I don’t usually get technical in my posts about new scenes, but this romantic gay porn video is a great example of how the style has been changing.

Well done to all involved in this one, not least of the two gorgeous boys enjoying each other!

Kris Wallace gets a great fuck from Chase Anderson in this bathroom sex scene

Featured Scene: Oodles of jizz on fresh flesh HD

We had a gay shower sex scene on the Staxus site recently with Billy Rubens fucking Jaxon Radoc (and it was hot as hell!) but it got me looking for more shower videos on the site and when I found this one with Ash Williams and Kaden Tate I instantly knew that I had to share this one the blog for you guys to appreciate.

I was a little surprised that I hadn’t seen this one before, but that seems to happen quite often with me. I don’t know if someone from the office is sneaking in hot videos without anyone noticing, but that’s what seems to be happening lol

Hard working boys Ash and Kaden are finishing up a shift and sharing the facilities when their attentions turn to each others dicks. I guess that’s understandable though, I think even straight guys get a good horny look at other guys cocks in the showers ;)

These boys take it much further than just a look though, and pretty soon they’re sucking on each others cock and tasting the precum dribbling from each others helmets in a horny display of dick-lust.

This all leads to what we would expect from a gay shower sex video, some great ass fucking and some hot cum shots splashing out! The guys are a great pairing, no doubt about that. They’re perfectly matched to each other and it results in a very horny display of British dick action.

Check it out on the site when you get the chance, and make sure you pop back in a little while to see some photos from a brand new horny scene on the site too.

Ash Williams and Kaden Tate share a hot fuck in the showers (1)

Ash Williams and Kaden Tate share a hot fuck in the showers (2)

Ash Williams and Kaden Tate share a hot fuck in the showers (3)

Ash Williams and Kaden Tate share a hot fuck in the showers (4)

Weekly Recap: Twink flip flop bareback, a gang bang of four boys, a twink orgy video and a gay DP fuck

With so much happening over the last week I was a little concerned that this recap post might turn into something far longer than previous recap posts, so I’ve had to distill things down and present some of the absolute cream of the crop instead. I don’t think you guys will mind that at all, I know that most of you are regular readers of the blog anyway so you’ve probably been keeping up to date on all the new horny shenanigans ;)

For those of you who might have missed out on some of the best bits from the last seven days, this post should help you out and direct you to some of the horniest hardcore we’ve seen on the site in that time. So, kick back, enjoy, and have wank in the process lol

Of course, I have to start this off with the new arrival on the Staxus site at the beginning of the week, with gorgeous Jaxon Radoc giving up his sweet ass for Will Sims to sink his boner into, and sharing his own shaft with his tanned twinky friend too. It was a great flip flop fuck, with both boys clearly loving every second of the action as they did everything they could to get their cocks spewing out the juice. I will admit that I dumped my own wad to this more than once!

Will Sims and Jaxon Radoc share their hard uncut cocks and tight little holes in this mutual fucking scene (4)Although that scene had a lot of you clicking through to spill some ball juice, the next new arrival did more. It’s a twink orgy video that really impressed the fans of the site, with some of the most impressive you men all enjoying a mess of cock sucking and ass fucking between them. Aaron Aurora, David Hanson, Kurt Maddox and Oscar Roberts were all hungry for cock in this gay gang bang, and although the train fucking was impressive I know that a lot of you were wanking out your nutt to the sight of young Aaron being covered in cum from all his friends!

Aaron Aurora, David Hanson, Kurt Maddox and Oscar Roberts in a new twink orgy! (1)You guys know I love going back through the scenes on the site to check out some videos that I think deserve some attention, and I did just that on Thursday when I found this excellent twink orgy with Fery Kopp, John Magiaty, Ronnie Badell, Michail Asky and Alan Capier. The sight of three boys enjoying their cocks gets another two boys horny for some fun when they discover what they’re up to, and it results in an amazing group session that has to be watched by all the greedy fans out there. If you haven’t seen this one yet, click through for some more pics and then watch the video.

Five boys share their wet uncut cocks in a bareback orgy with lots of gooey cum (1)And finally, I have to share some of the horniest hardcore we saw this week, with the gay DP video starring Staxus exclusive Tim Law, lean and smooth Jace Reed and buff new guy Boris Orla. As if the uniform theme wasn’t enough, we were treated to an amazing fuck session with both those uncut hung boys shoving their dicks into Tim’s tight little hole at once, and fucking him to a messy finale of cum splashing that should have had every one of you blasting out your juice too. Click through to see some more pics of this one if you haven’t taken a look already.

Tim Law gets double dicked in a threesomeSee what I mean about it being a hot and horny week of hardcore? I can’t imagine the guys in the office beating this display of action in the coming week, but I know they have a few incredible scenes lined up for release. Stick around to see all of that, but make sure you check out these videos too ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Flip-Flopping Fuckers Suck, Rim & Ram Raw Ass For A Spunky, Big-Dicked Crescendo! HD

Mutual bareback fucking doesn’t get much hotter than this new video on the Staxus site! You saw some photos from this new video last night, but now the video is up on the site a lot of you guys have been wanking out some juice over it. Don’t try to deny it (as if you would!)

And you’re right to be shooting so much spunk to this scene too, because it stars two of the most stunning young twinks we have on the site. Will Sims and Jaxon Radoc have already proven themselves to be seriously hot versatile bareback fuckers, and this scene will just emphasize that even more with their legions of fans. Yes I said legions, I’m feeling somewhat medieval today lol

There is a lot to love in this video, but being a huge fan of mutual sucking I absolutely nearly shot my wad watching these boys sucking on each others juicy dicks. Jaxon has such a hot cock I don’t think there is a guy out there who wouldn’t want to feast on it, but then the same thing can be said about the tanned inches Will has between his legs too.

It’s all leading up to the main event though, of course, and soon we get to enjoy the sight of Will sliding his ass down on that fat pink cock and taking it for a ride. Once he’s been stretched out enough it’s time for Will to own some hole and give Jaxon the kind of raw fucking he needs occasionally too – I say occasionally, but the boy has been in so many videos lately taking it in the ass it’s clear he a total cock-whore! lol

Flipping again, the guys are almost ready to start spewing out their cum. Who gets their nutt off first? Well, that would be Jaxon, wanking out his juice all over himself while Will slides in and out of his aching chute.

That’s enough to have Will pulling is cock out of that fucked boys ass and wanking his own semen out over Jaxon’s spent cock and balls, finishing their mutual bareback fucking session with some sticky mess.

Well done to both these boys, and well done to Staxus for bringing us such a horny sight!

Jaxon Radoc gets every inch of Will Sims

Coming Soon on Staxus: Spit-roasting swimmers

I was hoping that we might see some more sexy action in the gay locker room and swimmer theme on the Staxus site, and look at what is about to arrive on the site! I’m so chuffed right now I could strip off and streak around the block… I won’t though, because I don’t want to be arrested. And besides, a man running naked is never attractive lol

Alex Silvers is appearing in this video with a hunger for dick unmatched by many of his peers. Okay, that’s not strictly true, plenty of these boys love cock just as much as the next twink. Still, he doesn’t hold back according to the short description for this video as he spies some tasty looking dick in the locker room and gets on his knees to worship it.

He’s joined by Timmy Treasure and Luke Desmond for this threesome spit roasting fuck, and it looks like it leads to a severely hot gay locker room session for the boy too.

You’re probably noticing too that we have two new boys in this one. Timmy and Alex are both brand new to the Staxus site as far as I know, but they’re going to be welcome additions to the gang. Fans of big dicks will really love this scene, with hung Timmy and Luke using their over-sized knobs on their new friend ;)

I’m looking forward to watching this one, and I think you guys will be too.

Timmy and Luke team up to fuck bottom boy Alex in this new Staxus video (1)

Timmy and Luke team up to fuck bottom boy Alex in this new Staxus video (2)

Timmy and Luke team up to fuck bottom boy Alex in this new Staxus video (3)

Timmy and Luke team up to fuck bottom boy Alex in this new Staxus video (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Two Gorgeous Twinks Cause A Spunk Splash With A Horny Locker-Room Fuck! HD

Could this perhaps be the most wanked over Staxus scene so far this year? I think it might very well be, but that should be no surprise when you check out the boys appearing in it. It’s a great gay locker room scene with Billy Rubens and Jordan Jacobs hooking up after a nice swim in the pool, and it leads to a truly great fuck.

As some of the members have commented, the filming and the angles of the shoot are both great, a real expert delivery. The boys have some real chemistry with each other too, totally into their scene and loving every moment of it. There’s no denying that these guys both have some real and genuine attraction to each other as they gets started and enjoy those hard dicks between them.

You guys know I have a bit of a fetish for gay locker room sex, so I guess I might be a little biased when it comes to this scene. You know I do love the sight of a formerly straight boy enjoying cock too, so Billy Rubens makes a totally delicious participant for this setting.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to click through and hit play on that video. It’s had a lot of top votes in the short time it’s been on the site, with fans of both these gorgeous boys adding it to their faves lists too.

Gay locker room sex with Jordan Jacobs and Billy Rubens

Coming Soon on Staxus: Two Gorgeous Twinks Cause A Spunk Splash With A Horny Locker-Room Fuck!

Yay! We have some more locker room cock fun to enjoy on the Staxus site soon, and with the boys appearing in this one I have a feeling plenty of you guys will be spewing out some juice along with them by the end.

It’s starring the absolutely gorgeous Billy Rubens, a straight boy who seems a little less than straight with the way he devours dicks. I’m not kidding, I have seen this boy go from a solo performer to what he’s doing now and there is no denying that he’s not 100% straight any more. I don’t care what he says, he loves the taste of cock too much ;)

He’s joined by Jordan Jacobs for this locker room cock scene – lucky little fucker! The boys have been swimming and the urge to shoot some cum is strong. I guess we all know that a good work out tends to get the dick throbbing, and these boys know how to relieve the pressure with a post-swim splooge session.

I will freely admit that I am a fan boy for Billy, and this scene looks like a seriously hot one. I cannot wait to see that straight boy dick (or not so straight) sinking into his new friends ass in this one!

Boys share locker room cock in this great new video in the Staxus Britladz collection (1)

Boys share locker room cock in this great new video in the Staxus Britladz collection (2)

Boys share locker room cock in this great new video in the Staxus Britladz collection (3)

Boys share locker room cock in this great new video in the Staxus Britladz collection (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Horny Shower-Room Encounter Sees Jaxon Radoc Fuck The Jizz Out Of His Deep-Throating Buddy! HD

I knew this gay shower sex scene would be a hit on the Staxus site when I saw some of the photos for it yesterday, and it seems that a lot of you guys agree with me – these two make a delicious pairing and in a very hot setting too.

I have to start this off by saying that this is the kind of scene that keeps me up at night. As a gym-going guy I am forever tormented by the sight of some incredibly gorgeous young men in the showers, and even though I have seen more than my fair share of stiff dicks being cautiously stroked in there while guys pretend they’re not, I never have the balls to proposition them – they often look far too muscled and far too straight to be actively encouraging me to appreciate their boner! lol

But, I have to say that this kind of interaction would be just what I’m looking for, and exactly what I think about when I leave those gym showers and head home to wank thinking about the latest horny guy enjoying his uncut cock while pretending no one is watching ;)

Jaxon Radoc and Oscar Roberts put on an excellent show in this gay shower sex video, with some great cum shots at the end of it too. It’s set in a bathhouse rather than a gym, and I think that’s what I might strive for instead of the usual this week. It might mean a bit of a drive to get to one, but I would love to share some cock with another dude in a setting like this.

Check out the video on the site and don’t forget to vote and comment on it too.

Gay shower sex with two hot and horny uncut bareback boys

Coming Soon on Staxus: A horny encounter

Two of our very popular boys have made their way back in front of the cameras for this new Staxus gallery and video, and I think more than a few of you are going to be very pleased to see Jaxon Radoc and Oscar Roberts teamed up for a twink shower sex scene.

I think the first thing I need to say about this shoot is that Oscar is looking mighty fine these days. Someone has been working out! It seems that he has a little more definition on his hot little body every time we see him, and it looks like big-dicked Jaxon is happy about that too.

With the extra meaty dick Jaxon is packing it’s no wonder Oscar is so eager to get it all crammed into his ass, but not before the boys swap plenty of oral. I love a good sucking in a scene, and it certainly looks like these boys spend some good time sucking each other off and rimming some tight hole too.

The setting of this one seems to highlight the action in my opinion. I would love to see more wink shower sex, bathroom action and locker room fun. Maybe I have a freakishly weird fetish for wall tiles and never knew it? lol

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (1)

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (2)

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (3)

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (4)

Coming Soon on Staxus: Tattooed, Red-Haired Fucker Gives His Horny Room-Mate’s Holes A Real Hard Stretch!

It’s often amazing to me how some guys are totally okay with sharing their cock and getting it out in front of other boys, and some are really shy about things and totally reserved. The start of this video (according to the description on the Staxus site) starts off how many of my shared wank sessions with straight guys have – watching porn and enjoying a little stroking.

Although we never moved on to twink bareback fucking, I experienced this with a lot of guys in my teen years. It usually started out with some porn, magazines or a movie, then my dick would be out and my friend would soon follow. Most of the time it was just two friends jacking off together, but occasionally some hands were swapped, some cock comparisons occurred with dicks lined up side by side, and even some sucking here and there too. Even now there are a few straight guys I know who don’t think twice about enjoying a little shared stroking, usually after some beers of course lol

It seems Ivan Thundero is a little like me, and he doesn’t seem to care that his friend is in the same room when he finds some porn and needs a wank.

Still, cute Daniel Prince doesn’t seem to mind that at all, and he’s soon expressing his interest and joining his friend for a little more than just a dick stroke.

With shared cock sucking taking these boys to what they really want, Daniel is eager to open up his smooth and tight little ass to take that perfectly meaty dick inside him, raw of course. It’s a great display of twink bareback fucking as the boy gets it good and deep, and the images in this gallery suggest that this video is going to be one to add to the faves list.

Twink boys share a great raw fuck in this new Staxus scene (1)

Twink boys share a great raw fuck in this new Staxus scene (2)

Twink boys share a great raw fuck in this new Staxus scene (3)

Twink boys share a great raw fuck in this new Staxus scene (4)

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