As you can probably imagine, I’m on a bit of a Tim Law fix today. I arrived on the site this morning looking for something hot to stroke out a load to and someone I knew you guys would love to see more about in a Model Focus post and I picked this video and Tim.

I had to get more of the boy on here for you guys to enjoy and this threesome video with Oscar Hart and Sam Williams really hit the spot for me.

As I explained in the previous post Tim was always one of those incredibly horny young guys who was always looking for more cock to sit on, he was one of the best bottoms we’d ever seen on the site from the very first moment he arrived. Over the course of his time with us he took a lot of anal pounding, but this incredibly hot scene with a couple of cops was one of the best.

Needless to say, the sight of handsome young guys Oscar and Sam in uniform was already enough to have us hard and leaking precum at the prospect of what we were going to see, but to then see young Tim being totally owned, fed and fucked by the two young studs was enough to have us all gushing out cream to the show.

There’s a lot to love about this scene, but the sight of Tim getting a truncheon up his ass and taking so much hole play from the boys is awesome. As I understand it, that truncheon is still hanging around on the set and I think we’re likely to see it again in the future when we have another police officer themed hardcore scene. I don’t know which of our current boys would be down for taking that up their hole but I’m guessing some of you might have a few ideas about who you would love to see in such a situation :)

The anal truncheon fucking is not all there is to love about this video, of course. There’s some awesome chain fucking in this one as Sam sinks his long uncut cock into Oscar while the boy in-turn plunges his dick into Tim.

It’s definitely one of those scenes where you don’t really know which of the boys you would rather be!

Check out some of the pics of the fun they had and make sure you click through to watch the full video.