So I kind of thought that this remastered video with Cameron Jackson and Johny Malcom would tickle your balls and do nice things to you, and it seems I was right in my prediction – then again, not to blow my own trumpet (oh, if only!) I usually am pretty spot on about these things.

I know you guys are certainly not easily pleased, but this classic scene has done exactly that. I think it has something to do with the big cum loads too.

As many have commented, this video is seriously hot, and both these boys are stunning to watch as they share their uncut boners with each other. The making out and the wanking and sucking at the start of this made my mouth water – and my dick too lol

That’s a sure sign of a scene heading in the right direction.

And that direction is right up Johny’s tight little butt!

It’s real hard to pick one or two highlights out of this video to mention here because so much of it is so totally horny, but I have to say that the cum shots are amazing. Johny erupts a massive fountain of hot semen all over his own body while Cameron fucks his hole and takes him over the edge, but Cameron delivers an amazing messy load too while he wanks himself off in his friends face.

I love the sight of his foreskin rubbing back and forth over his helmet like a loose hood as his cum splashes out, and that glistening glands covered in spooge after looks totally suckable, no wonder Johny gets a taste!

Everyone loves a hot vid with a couple of gorgeous guys and some big cum loads, and that’s why this remastered scene from the Raw Heroes movie is one of the horniest we’ve seen from the collection so far.

Why are you still here? Click through to the Staxus site and watch it, you numpties!