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New Scene on Staxus: Assaulted On Both Fronts! Tim Law Gets A Double-Dicked Army Inspection! HD

You saw some photos from this brand new gay military porn scene on the Staxus site a couple of evenings back, and although I focused on the whole military cock aspect, one of the hottest things about this is that it’s another one of the awesome gay DP videos.

It’s no secret that young twink bottom Tim Law is one of the greediest and horniest bottoms on the site. We’ve all seen him taking a great fucking from so many guys over the last few years, but when we have the opportunity to see him in the middle of a threesome we can be pretty sure that he’s gonna end up with both of those cocks in his ass at the same time.

That’s exactly what happened to him in this video with studly Boris Orla and lean and defined top Jace Reed.

The sucking and slurping he gives his “superiors” in this video should not be missed, but being a gay DP video it’s the double dicking he takes from both that will really have you wanking yourself off like a fiend.

And of course, it can only end with some amazing cum shots splashing out of those guys cocks, with Tim getting plenty of juice in the process!

Enjoy another pic of the action, and make sure you click through to watch the video when you get the chance. A lot of the fans have been voting this up and commenting very favorably on the action so far.

Tim Law gets double dicked in a threesome

Coming Soon to Staxus: Assaulted On Both Fronts! Tim Law Gets A Double-Dicked Army Inspection!

It’s been a little while since we had some military cock on the Staxus site, but as a fan of boys in sexy uniforms I have to say that I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this threesome arrive. It’s a great addition to the site with three gorgeous young guys, enjoying some great dick action and shooting off their weapons in the process… you see what I did there. Sorry, I had to! ;)

Boris Orla and Jace Reed are the recruiting staff when young twink Tim Law arrives to sign up, and these two buff young men have some very interesting ways to introduce young recruits to the world of the military. We all know that there’s a lot of cock action in the modern military, so why not get the new recruits in on the fun right from the start? lol

I have to confess that although I am a pacifist, if this is what the military is really like, and if I get to suck off and take the cocks of gorgeous young men like Boris and Lace, I wouldn’t be hesitating to join their ranks – at least in peace time.

Young Tim gets all of that military cock in this video, sucking them both off, being fucked by both and even taking double dick in his sweet little hole too! Yes, you heard me, it’s a military porn scene with gay DP fucking too. I think this means that it could become one of the most popular videos in the Staxus Uniforms collection.

Tim Law gets a lot of hard military cock in a gay DP video with Jace Tyler and Boris Orla (1)

Tim Law gets a lot of hard military cock in a gay DP video with Jace Tyler and Boris Orla (2)

Tim Law gets a lot of hard military cock in a gay DP video with Jace Tyler and Boris Orla (3)

Tim Law gets a lot of hard military cock in a gay DP video with Jace Tyler and Boris Orla (4)

Featured Scenes: Most Popular Raw Videos

I’m always looking for new ways to make the blog interesting and share some of the hottest action with you guys, so I thought I’d start something new this week and focus on some of the hottest videos on the Staxus site, going from one collection to the next. I’m starting this off with the top three videos in the Staxus Raw collection, voted the best by you guys!

3. Tim Law Gets Caught Red-Handed & Gets A Red-Raw Fucking From A Security Guard For His Pains! HD

This scene arrived at the start of November last year, and despite a little criticism with the lack of pissing fun between them it got a lot of love for the boys appearing in it. Set in a mensroom, it features buff security guard Boris Orla catching young Tim Law in the act of vandalism, and soon results in the boy being fucked in the ass and made to cum a hot load. Both of these guys are real popular, with Tim being a stunning twink bottom able to take a real pounding, and new guy Boris delivering his tight body and juicy dick to the show. I think this is the kind of video that might actually have a lot of guys out there considering their own acts of vandalism, although I don’t think the chances of receiving this kind of “punishment” are very high. lol

Tim Law gets bareback fucked by Boris Orla

Young Tim gets every inch of Boris’ hard and raw uncut cock

2. Lustful Youthful Cravings Lead To A Hard Raw Fuck For Tim Law From His Horny Blond Pal! HD

Tim Law appears again for the second position in the top rated Raw scenes, being fucked deep by Tim Walker. I think a lot of the guys loved the theme of this one, with Walker interrupting his young friend and distracting him from his gaming with some foot fucking fun and the sight of his big uncut dick. The fucking in this one is incredibly hot, with Law almost bent double getting that boys boner in his naked ass. And the twink cummy kiss at the end is the perfect finish. I know it can be real hard to drag a guy away from his games console, but I think Tim Walker shows us how to do it the right way!

Tim Walker fucks Tim Law with every inch

Gorgeous bareback twink boys Tim Law and Tim Walker

1. Hot, Horny Masseur Gives His Clients The Rub-Down Of Their Lives. The Result? Oodles of Jizz! HD

Finally, the top voted hardcore twink bareback video in the Staxus Raw collection is a delicious massage scene with Ryan Olsen providing some extra special services for his eager customers. Although this could have been a threesome, it’s actually two different pairings, with Sven Laarson being the first to have his cum drained by the expert hands of Ryan, before Orlando White arrives for his turn and gives his masseur a lot more. It results in a great bareback twink fuck, with Orlando delivering the kind of ramming we now know him to be capable of. Of course, it ends with a lot of juicy goo being splashed around and it’ll definitely have you considering booking an appointment with an experienced masseur too ;)

Ryan Olsen bareback fucked by Orlando White

Orlando While barebacks young Ryan Olsen

These are just the top three videos in the Staxus Raw collection, but there are a lot more to look through and wank out some juice over. You guys know that we have some of the hottest twink bareback porn on the internet on this site, so you should check out the rest of the collection too.

I’ll be moving on to the top three in the Staxus Dirty Fuckers collection tomorrow, and we have some more of the brand new scene on the site coming up, with a threesome fuck starring Bryan Roico, Darryl Declan and Sven Laarson, so stick around for that! ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Filthy-minded twinks HD

I have to mention something that might be a little overlooked with many gay sites out there other than Staxus… the guys in the office love feedback and constructive criticism, as do the guys performing and the directors too. There’s a lot of opportunity for the members here to do that too, with the comments on the videos and galleries, and the Forum where the members hang out.

But, it also has to be said that there isn’t often that much to the guys couple be considered as doing wrong. The scenes on the site specifically over the last month have all been getting great votes and reviews from the members, and this new bareback gay fuck video with Tim Law and Benjamin Dunn is no different.

It was a great match, with Tim being one of the horniest bottoms I think the Staxus site has ever introduced to the world, and Benjamin being a great top ready to really fuck a cute boys ass too. There’s no denying that this one shows both their skills pretty well, especially seeing Tim taking a hard and frantic fucking from beneath!

This bareback gay fuck video really delivers on many levels, and fans of either of these guys will be adding this one to their list for many more wanks later on ;)

A great bareback gay fuck video

Coming Soon on Staxus: Filthy-minded twinks

A little while ago we watched the smooth and horny Staxus bottom boy Tim Law being banged good by studly new top Boris Orla in a urinal scene that had a lot of the fans wanting more, and I am glad to be able to bring you word of a new scene about to arrive with our famous cock-hungry twink being pounded by delicious Benjamin Dunn!

Although there really isn’t much information on this scene at the moment, the gallery is on the site and after looking through some of the photos I can predict that this is going to be another winner with the fans. I think we all love Benjamin, and Tim is one of the best bottom boy performers I think Staxus has ever had.

If you’ve seen him being truly banged by a top and loving it as he has his hole used in an aggressive fuck you know what I mean. I’m so looking forward to seeing Benjamin sinking that impressive raw cock into Tim’s little ass and giving him a great ride on it, with those big balls bouncing around and working up to a hot cum load.

Stay tuned for the arrival of this one a little later, I’ll be there wanking out some jizz with you ;)

Benjamin Dunn gets his big dick deep inside bottom boy Tim Law (1)

Benjamin Dunn gets his big dick deep inside bottom boy Tim Law (2)

Benjamin Dunn gets his big dick deep inside bottom boy Tim Law (3)

Benjamin Dunn gets his big dick deep inside bottom boy Tim Law (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Tim gets caught red-handed and is made to pleasure the guard HD

Have you seen this video yet? It’s been on the Staxus site for a little while now, and after sharing some of the photos with you guys on the blog yesterday I was expecting it to do rather well.

It’s got a good 5 star rating so far, and I expect that’s mainly because Tim Law and Boris Orla make a very hot couple in this scene.

It’s a mensroom sex scene too, something that I know a lot of guys love. There’s no pissing in this one though, and I think I agree with one of the commenters that there should have been. But, that’s just a personal gripe and doesn’t take away from the horny action.

Boris Orla really is setting himself up to be one of the hottest new performers of this year in my opinion. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s appeared in, and you can see from this fuck with Tim that he’s really enjoying himself. After a lot of great cock sucking he slides that raw dick in deep and gives the horny bottom boy a great fuck.

I do enjoy scenes where one boy really dominates another, and I think it could have been better if Boris really was a more powerful top with Tim. We’ve seen Tim take some real hard fucking before, so we know he’s up for that.

All in all it’s a good mensroom sex scene, really hot, and delivers some of what we love to see. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Boris in the future, and of course more of Tim too.

Bareback mensroom sex with Boris Orla and Tim Law

Coming Soon on Staxus: Tim gets caught red-handed and is made to pleasure the guard

So I mentioned in the last post on the blog that I was waiting for a new Staxus video to arrive on the site, and here’s a little taste of what we can expect from this bareback mensroom fuck…

New hottie Boris Orla is back to share his long and slender uncut shaft with a willing victim in this one, and that willing bottom is the equally sexy Tim Law. I think it’s been a little while since we saw him in a video on the site, but we’re glad to see him back. He has a lot of fans, and I have a feeling Boris is gaining new fans with every visit too.

Boris is playing the role of a horny guard looking out for trouble when he discovers bad boy Tim vandalizing the urinals, but the guy has some very interesting ways of “punishing” young delinquents like Tim.

I’m not sure this is the kind of thing that’s likely to stop the boy from behaving like that, because if I were him I would be back there the next day to be caught again! lol

It looks like it leads to a really hot bareback mensroom fuck for the boy, with Boris feeding him his uncut dick and then sliding up inside his tight ass for a banging session.

I love mensroom scenes like this, and I’m really looking forward to seeing this scene later.

A steamy bareback mensroom fuck scene at Staxus (1)

A steamy bareback mensroom fuck scene at Staxus (2)

A steamy bareback mensroom fuck scene at Staxus (3)

A steamy bareback mensroom fuck scene at Staxus (4)

Weekly Recap: Playing Doctor, gay sex club, classroom bareback and twink butt fucking

There has been so much hardcore action added to the Staxus site in the last week that I’m sure you’ve all been kept incredibly busy. I guess a lot of you are members already, so you’ve been clicking through to stroke out some juice to these great new scenes. But for those who might not be members – yet – this post should give you a little motivation, putting so much delicious action right in front of you ;)

I’m beginning this with a really horny gay doctor video, starring Blake Hanson and Daniel Prince. This hot scene arrived on Monday, and I know a lot of the members have really been enjoying it. But check out the pics as Daniel sits on that immense uncut cock and you’ll see why it’s so popular!

Blake Hanson is the school doctor fucking the hot hole of twink patient Daniel Prince (1)

We’ve had a few videos on the site recently set in a gay sex club, and when one appeared with Orlando White slamming his big uncut dick into Jaxon Radoc it was a surefire hit before the members even started voting on it. You cannot watch a hot fuck scene with these two boys and not immediately love it. If the names don’t get you clicking to watch it, then the pics of the action definitely will.

Jaxon Radoc submits to the hard uncut raw cock of Orlando White in this gay sex club setting (1)

Something else we’ve been seeing a lot of recently is the gay student sex and classroom bareback fucking, and we had yet more of this hot action this week with Jaxon Radoc welcoming back Jaden Fox! Jaden is a real sexy twink, and alongside gorgeous Jaxon it makes for an amazing video. This twink flip flop fuck scene had plenty of you jerking off!

A gay student bareback fuck scene with Jaxon Radoc and Jaden Fox (1)

Finally, I have to share another really hot doctor themed scene with you, only without the doc! Jaxon Radoc returned once again to share his cock with another boy, and this time he’s raiding the doctors office with fellow bad boy student Tim Law. The boys find some condoms to play with, but that can only lead to a horny suck and fuck for the boys while no one is around to catch them ;)

Hung twink Jaxon Radoc fucks the cum out of bottom twink Tim Law (1)

There’s been a lot more to enjoy over the last week that hasn’t made it to the recap of course, but you’ll just have to click through the updates to check all that out for yourself. I can only share so many in this post, but I have a feeling this will be enough to inspire you ;)

Make sure you come back again this week for more horny hardcore. There’s plenty more where this came from, and more on the way in the coming seven days too.

New Scene on Staxus: Playing doctor

I think we’re having a bit of an overdose of Staxus porn this evening, but that’s okay with me! After a hot new scene on the blog earlier tonight I have some more photos from another good one too, and it stars two of our best boys!

Hung twink Jaxon Radoc is back in action once again in another student themed scene, and this time he has the eager hole of twink bottom Tim Law to sink his impressive cock into.

The boys have found the school doctors office empty, and these mischievous boys can’t wait to get in there and start looking around.

After finding some condoms to entertain them for a while, the boys are soon looking for something else to occupy them, and of course they have a lot to play with dangling right there between their legs ;)

Both get a lot of wanking and sucking in before the anal action kicks off, and Tim really does his best to suck on as much of that hung twink dick as he can take before finally letting Jaxon jab it into his butt.

The doctors little bed makes a perfect platform for their performance, and we get some of the expected views we love to see of that big dick easing in and out of Tim’s hole.

After wanking out his hot cum load all over Tim, Jaxon slides right back in to fuck the load out of the boy too, making a messy ending to a great fuck scene ;)

Hung twink Jaxon Radoc fucks the cum out of bottom twink Tim Law (1)

Hung twink Jaxon Radoc fucks the cum out of bottom twink Tim Law (2)

Hung twink Jaxon Radoc fucks the cum out of bottom twink Tim Law (3)

Hung twink Jaxon Radoc fucks the cum out of bottom twink Tim Law (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Super-Twink Tim Law Surrenders His Hungry Raw Ass To His Horned-Up Coach!

I promised you guys some hot photos from the new scene on the Staxus site, and I’m delivering. There are a lot of fans on the site who love the gay locker room videos we have, and I can understand why. Yes, we did go through a strange phase of filming in what looked like Ikea showrooms pretending they were locker rooms (I was the first one to point that out lol) but now we’re getting back to a more genuine setting for this new scene with Tim Law and his horny coach Blake Hanson.

Boxing featherweight Tim has not impressed his coach, and Blake is obviously not happy about how things are going. It seems his has a strange way of encouraging Tim to do better though, and without any explanation he releases his uncut cock and Tim obediently gets sucking on it!

I don’t know if that’s supposed to be some kind of “punishment” but if it is I don’t think it’s working at all. Tim obviously loves that cock, as shown when he releases his own stiff uncut dick to for his coach to suck on too.

If that’s punishment, I’d make it my career to fail! lol

Perhaps the real punishment is that he gets his ass filled with that big uncut raw dick? But then again, Tim seems to love that just as much, riding it and laying back to get the cum fucked out of him before getting a hot load of cum from Blake all over his cute face,

Like I said, we have quite a few gay locker room videos on the site now, and this one is definitely going to make it onto the fave lists of a lot of the members who’ve enjoyed the previous ones ;)

Tim Law and Blake Hanson star in one of the sexiest gay locker room videos of recent months (1)

Tim Law and Blake Hanson star in one of the sexiest gay locker room videos of recent months (2)

Tim Law and Blake Hanson star in one of the sexiest gay locker room videos of recent months (3)

Tim Law and Blake Hanson star in one of the sexiest gay locker room videos of recent months (4)

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