Many guys out there (including me!) have a thing for men in suits.

If the guys who wear the suits are as sexy as Milan Sharp, Bjorn Nykvist and the new boy, Alex Aurora, an appointment with the attorney of your trust is not all that bad. Quite the contrary: Chances are good that the young and motivated attorneys will not just help you out of your legal miseries, but they will also help you out of your sexual frustrations with their big fucksticks in their pants!

Horny clients like Mark Fontana, Jaro Stone and Martin Rivers seek for legal advice in the brand new movie “Hung Jury” and get more than they ever expected!

You need one more reason why you should not miss this movie? I give you four haha :)

Scene 1 features the biggest ramrods in contemporary gay porn movies

Scene 2 shows us a really vulgar (in the best sense!) cumshot which made me blush. Me, the guy who watched thousands of movies… but yes, Milan’s eruptive and generous load really made me giggle like a small girl – and impressed me a lot!! –

Scene 3 with the new boy Alex Aurora fucking the tanned Mark Fontana –

Scene 4 with a story so realistic it could have been taken from real life. Really, you don’t want to miss that!! You’ll wank and giggle at the same time :)

Check out the trailer here on the blog – and the first of four great videos tomorrow on!

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