I had a little bit of Staxus gossip today that I thought might be fun to mention on the blog. It seems that a pretty popular lad arrived on set to film a scene last week (I won’t name him, although I know who it was lol) and stripped off to reveal a patchy scruff of fur around his cock and up his abs. The lad is normally trimmed and sometimes shaved, but it seems he was trying to grow it out for a more natural look.

Needless to say it didn’t look right according my spy, and he was carefully convinced to shave it off and trim things down to make it look a little more appealing for the cameras! The poor lad took it well though, apparently he was a little unsure about how it would appear on camera, like he’s only just started trimming and missed a few patches.

Lucky for him there were a couple of other boys on the set who were more than happy to assist him and help him to trim everything and shave some parts too. There’s another rumour that this had the director thinking about filming another shaving scene – something we haven’t seen for a while ;)

Do you prefer your porn stars shaved smooth, a little trimmed or a little bit wild? I know there are some out there who still like the natural bushy look that you almost need a hedge trimmer to get through, but I personally love my lads a little buzzed and neat.

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