Okay guys, I know that there is something to be said about this Staxus scene that you guys want an answer to, and I agree with you ;)

I shared some photos from this video on Friday and was really looking forward to the toy play in the video when it arrived, but it seems that this was edited out of the shoot. I know, I love toy play too, and the chance to see Kris Wallace getting his hole filled in and then fucked was something that I was really looking forward to.

Having said that, this was still one seriously horny bareback jock porn video with two of the most gorgeous young men I think we have ever had on the site. Kris is so popular, and Sven Laarson has proven himself to be an amazing top on more than one occasion.

The sucking and fucking in this scene is totally amazing, and even though it was lacking the anal toy play we were expecting from the pics in the last post, I still shot a massive load watching these guys enjoying each other.

I do love the kind of bareback jock porn they make with boys like these, and despite that lack of anal toy fun a lot of the members have been voting it up and commenting positively.

I think the guys in the office are going to look into this a little more and see if we can prevent some images coming out for the galleries if the action isn’t appearing in the scene. That would make things better. I know some of the galleries are made from shoots taken during the filming and then they’re released separately after the scene has been edited, so that might be why this has happened.

I’ll let you know what I find out.