It’s sad, but the fact remains that all good things eventually come to an end; and even the greatest of porn stars have to accept that the sands of time eventually run out on them. So it is that the legendary starlet, Jaro Stone, appears to have finally filmed his last ever scene, marking the end of a career that has lasted over five years. In terms of porn, of course, that length of service is pretty much epic!

During his years with STAXUS – for whom he has starred exclusively throughout – Jaro has pretty much fucked with everyone going. Kris Blent, Johny Cherry, Tony Conrad, Titus Snow, Milan Sharp, Lucas Drake, Bjorn Nykvist – fuck, the list is almost endless! Throughout that time, however, two things have remained constant: his loyalty to the studio, and the fact that he is genuinely a really, really nice guy.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank this living legend for everything that he has done for us these past few years; and to remind him that he has probably drained more spunk from our fans than anyone we’ve had the pleasure of watching in action during this time.

Which only leaves us to ask you, the fans, to add your two-penneth. Has he quit too early? Or are you glad that he’s finally decided to call it a day?

We really would love to hear your views. After all, you never know, if enough guys object then maybe people-power will see him return for an encore!

Check out the pics of his latest (and last?) shooting – and write a comment!