I have to admit, when I first heard about “Futsal Flings” I wasn’t quite sure what that movie title actually meant! Haha. But when I saw those lovely young boys playing with their footballs, it quickly became clear what the movie was all about – and it was also pretty clear that they wouldn’t be playing with just their balls!

Amongst the incredibly horny boys on offer – like Ron Negba, Jake Stark and Rudy Stone – is a brand new boy named Michal Tovi. I’m sure you all saw him fucking Ron in his very first scene with us recently – and getting fucked just moments later!

We all love flip-flop scenes, and this one was surely a hit for all cum lovers, cock addicts and fans of handsome boys who love to fuck around.
But did you ever wonder why the movie was produced in that sports hall and not in any of the other of many possible locations?

The reason was actually new boy Michal Tovi himself! Mark, one of the cameramen on set and a friend of us bloggers, told us that Michal suggested to shoot the porn movie in this very special hall. The reason for this is simple: Michal is a passionate football player and spends hours and hours each week in that hall, sweating and dribbling with his buddies ;)

He wanted to shoot his first porn scene in a place where he felt comfortable, so it was decided to rent the hall for a weekend and to shoot “Futsal Flings” there.

As a nice bonus, the boys could jump in the showers whenever they wanted – and Michal felt so much at ease that he didn’t just want to top handsome Ron, but also ended up agreeing to try a nice flip-flop!

I wonder if he told his team mates what happened that weekend in their football hall – and if maybe some of them watched his bareback scene, jacking off to this wonderful porn flick in the process? :D

If you’re a member of a football team, let us know in a comment if you’ve ever dreamed about fucking around with one of your team-mates, or maybe enjoying a very intimate shower with them. Maybe even a cum shower? :D

Feel free to check out Michal’s exquisit flip-flop-scene on Staxus.com and let us know your thoughts!