It’s fun to watch Lior Hod and Beno Eker at the beginning of this bareback twink scene, as they stroll through Lior’s new apartment and see how proud Lior is of his new home. Lior’s Mum bought it for him (maybe as a reward for his great performance in porn;) and Lior wants to “christen” the place with his friend Beno.

While other boys at this age would be boozing and making out with women, Beno and Lior have other tastes and clearly enjoy each other. I can’t help noticing how hairy Lior’s legs are: D He’s just a real guy; and like any real guy, he’s the one on top and fucking Beno into seventh sex heaven!

The fact that the two proceed to blow each other goes without saying, but Lior wants Beno pure and simple – and here he is allowed to! Anyone who regularly watches STAXUS porn knows that Beno is more of a top than bottom, despite his slight, twink stature; but for Lior he’s more than willing to spread his legs and deliver us a great show that will make him even more likeable.

As was said back on Friday, the highlight of the movie is waiting for you at the very end, when Lior cums both on and in Beno’s fucked ass; and the resulting cum looks sooooooo beautiful that you almost can not believe what you see there.

Let us know if you’ve been sprayed on the ass as well as Lior does here with Beno. Or indeed if you’ve ever been to Lior’s place and have enjoyed the great man for yourself! :-)

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