When I saw the trailer for the video we’ve just seen arrive with Bjorn Nykvist flip flopping with new boy Rob Nielsen I knew that you guys would appreciate seeing him putting his big uncut cock to good use in another boys ass. He’s a versatile twink, but I think we all expected that considering he has such an amazing cock.

But, it’s obvious that even though he has an amazing dick he’s mostly a top. That’s why you probably won’t be too surprised to see that he’s about to appear again in another video, taking the cock of another one of our handsome and pretty well-endowed boys.

Yeah, this pairing is going to have a lot of you guys hitting play again not long after splashing a load out to it the first time around.

He’s being paired with Milan Sharp for his next hardcore fuck, sucking on the guy’s gorgeous boner, getting his own delicious dong licked and gobbled, having his little hole rimmed out, then stuffed with bare inches and fucked until both are ready to erupt their ball juice for each other.

No, I’m not gonna tell you anything else about this one yet, you need to be checking here again in a couple of days if you want some more pics and the trailer for it :)