Although this new scene on the Staxus site doesn’t have any comments yet, I think they will be arriving soon given that plenty have voted this new gay massage video as five stars. I kind of expected that though, considering the three boys appearing in it, and the sight of Orlando White once again topping a horny bottom boy and doing a remarkable job of it too.

You saw some of the photos from the new gallery yesterday, and plenty of the members have been logging in to enjoy the new scene, but if you haven’t yet then you really should.

Wank fans will love seeing Sven Laarson being drained of a cum load, but the real action starts when Orlando gets on the table to be treated to a very special session. This is the kind of gay massage video that is likely to have a lot of you checking out the listings on-line to find a local guy able to give you this special kind of service too (believe me, after watching this I will be looking for that kind of regular service lol)

I was hoping that we would see Orlando delivering a hard and energetic fuck in this one, but although it’s not as rough and passionate as he has been before it’s a good ramming young Ryan Olsen takes from that boy!

Ryan Olsen gets fucked good by Orlando White