Hi Guys,

We are finally catching up on all the editing from Portugal and I will start posting some previews soon.

This weekend is Birmingham Pride and a welcome break for everyone and the first big pride of the UK pride season. My crew and I were out today and bumped into quite a few of our models who were all down for the weekend, Tristan Wood, Louis Blakeson, Jaye Elektra and Kurt Maddox, and also some old faces, Jesse Magowan and James Radford.

Its always good to see the lads outside of work and see them having fun. Part of what I enjoy so much about my job is getting to know the models and building friendships with them. You as the viewer only ever get to see them on camera and don’t always get to see the more human side of them. One thing we are going to try and do is shoot more behind the scenes footage, more interviews and more outtakes. We have some great models here at Staxus and I think this will only enhance the viewer experience by getting to know them more.

So, its time for me to put my laptop down and hit a club or two and maybe find some new hotties while I am in there.

I will leave you with the view from my balcony where you can see that I am living in the middle of Pride !

Have a good weekend all :)