It’s not just a gay thing to watch handsome people wash their cars and get their shirts wet in the process ;) Although we surely all agree that it’s way sexier if it’s a pretty boy who makes himself wet while cleaning his beloved car, prior to him cleaning another man’s dick!

Now being summer, I bet a lot of us guys spend their time polishing their cars, rubbing the lacquer until it shines… and, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be the first lad who rubs one out while doing so!

Some years ago, we had a lovely gay porn scene showing us a really handsome boy, George Basten, not just washing his car, but also soaping up his sexy body doing so – and fucking another greedy bottom just moments later!

Being a real gem of gay porn art, STAXUS remastered this scene in 2015; and you can watch it now anytime, anywhere when you’ve part of the Staxus club!

One of our latest productions was obviously inspired by this incredibly hot scene, and the following pics allow for a sneaky peek at one hot arse & a cock that never gets flaccid – and now it’s up to you to find out who this lad is!

If you recognise him, leave us a comment; and look forward to one fucking hell of a ride with one of our most favourite boys in his car!