Wow, we really know how to welcome a brand new boy to the STAXUS team! Jan Kotrba might be a novice when it comes to appearing for our cameras here, but he’s certainly not new to sharing his hard young dick with other guys, or his perfect little pucker.

Connor Rex is the twinky star sharing the screen with the sweet boy for the first time, starting off with some chatting as we find out a little about the handsome new arrival. Once that’s out of the way the two are wasting no time getting down to the deliciously dirty business of getting those young boners out for some friendly oral.

Once Connor has serviced that tasty new dick Jan takes control, getting his mouth on those balls and licking Connor’s hole too. He seems to know his way around a taint as he pleasures the twink boys sweet spots!

You already know this is a flip flop fuck, but you also could have perhaps predicted that Connor would be the first one getting a naked cock up his hole. Jan slides in and gives the boy some great thrusting in a collection of positions that will have you all wishing you were either of these boys.

Soon enough, though, it’s time to turn the tables, and Jan is quickly proving that he’s not only a good top he can take a stiff young erection up his own chute too!

Things aren’t over yet, Jan is given the opportunity to reclaim pole position as he takes the reins again to cream the boys ass and make Connor spew his own milky load from his throbbing helmet.

Check out some more of the pics and click through for the full video, I know you’re gonna love it and I get the feeling you’ll be demanding more of handsome Jan after this.