Could it be that we are enjoying the “put-something-up-your-butt“ season on

In almost every scene some greedy boy isn’t happy with just a bare cock anymore, but instead asks for some sweet fruits, long veggies or burning stuff to spice up his foreplay. Not that I’d complaining, though! Haha

It’s always nice to see young lads exploring the joys of anal entertainment, and this time it’s sexy exclusive boy Jake Stark who gets fucked by a long, orange carrot. Not just any carrot though – none other than all-time favourite Jaro Stone nibbles on an exceptionally big carrot at the beginning of this terrific piece of gay hardcore porn; whilst Jakey-boy wanks his delicious cock for all he’s worth just a few meters away.

Having had enough vegetables for one day, Jaro wants to taste some meat and starts sucking on Jake’s swollen cock, licking his shaft and teasing his balls. Totally turned on by each other, they end up 69-ing on the armchair, sucking like there’s no tomorrow. But wait, what do we see there? Does Jaro really put the carrot we saw in the intro into Jake’s tight boy hole, before biting off a bit and feeding it to Jake?

Oh guys, that’s a MUST see for all of you who like their sex a bit kinky, a bit filthy and very, very hot! Never has a carrot looked better than in the 11th minute, when it gets pushed into Jake’s hole, becoming warm and wet and tasting so delicious – just like Jake’s arse!

Your cock will spurt cum for ecstasy even before Jake starts to ride on Jaro’s rock hard stick, bouncing up and down and moaning like all the other boys who have had the pleasure and honour over the years to get fucked by Jaro’s impressing length!

Don’t miss Jaro feeding Jake at the end of the video. No, not the carrot again; Jaro has something different waiting for Jake this time. It’s hot, it’s creamy and if you want, you can always get a second helping ;)

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