I know a lot of us fans have been counting the hours until a new backstage movie appears on the blog – and here it is! Presenting us hot, young lads showing off their uncut dicks, these two and a half minutes may sound short, but the dicks are large, the boys are funny and we …

… learn a bit about Abir Tevel‘s new & colourful tattoo (more info coming soon)

… can watch Ron in the bathroom, styling his sexy hair

… can listen to Jarde again and again when he says “porn movie“ (I LOVE it!!)

… and we can watch bare dicks swinging around on set and boys having fun, be they sucking, fucking or just fooling around.

Thanks to John Smith and his team for creating such a lovely, hot movie like “Forbidden Fruits“, and my full respect to any guy who can concentrate on their work when sexy, naked flesh is being flaunted around you all the time!

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