I mentioned yesterday that there was another great scene about to arrive on the Staxus site that I knew for a fact a lot of you guys were going to go nuts over, if you’ll excuse the pun lol

Well, I was right! This scene was definitely worth seeing with Rudy Valentino claiming the delicious ass of Felix Webster!

I messaged my office spy today to see whether this scene really had everyone checking it out like I thought it would, and it appears that a lot of the members have been stroking along to it, and adding it as a favourite too. I have, and I will definitely be watching it again this evening after checking out some of the older scenes to share with you.

This video is most definitely about watching the gorgeous Felix Webster taking that raw cock in his ass, and Rudy Valentino getting off on slamming him.

I have a few top moments for this video – seeing the way Rudy Valentino sucks the juice from that thick uncut cock and really worships it is intense. But Felix Webster gives the same kind of attention back too, and you can tell he’s loving the taste of Rudy’s dick.

The dick riding is some of the best I’ve seen too, with Felix’s thick uncut cock bouncing as he slides up and down on Rudy. But, hold your cum in until the end, because Rudy gets a real impressive splashing facial and the sucks the cum from that dick, visibly drinking it and seeming to get off on the taste of Felix’s cum load!

It’s a messy ending that cum eating fans will definitely love ;)

Felix Webster rides the hard and raw uncut cock of Rudy Valentino