Beno Eker better not be the jealous sort. After all, he’s just discovered that his buddy, Lior Hod, has been gifted the most amazing house from his Mom. And geez, what a fabulous place it is!

As it happens, however, the young lad’s not so much interested in their surroundings, as what Lior has stashed inside his jeans. So after playing around with a statuette of a long-necked camel – it’ll all make sense on Sunday, we assure you – he’s straight into his buddy’s pants for a very thorough investigation.

But what arguably makes this scene worth watching the most is the beautiful ass-breeding that takes place towards the end, when Lior’s cum splashes on Beno’s ass – not to mention his tight little rosebud – before he thrusts his cock (and all that spunk) back into his mate’s hole!

Words cannot adequately describe how fucking hot this all is. Nor – for that matter – can today’s trailer. But it’ll give you a taste of what you can look forward to atΒ www.staxus.comΒ on Sunday.

Believe us, you are gonna bloody love it!