In our down time in Portugal we managed to go to Porto (in between
drinking) and see all the sights it had to offer. It’s such a
beautiful place. Anyone who has never gone really needs to find some
time to do so ASAP! 

All week was just amazing,
in between filming and photo shoots we had an incredible time. Just
partying and goofing off on the beach and anyone who has followed
Staxus’ or any of our twitters has seen just how crazy our little
antics were!!

But now everyone has gone home and I’m in NYC,
so it would be great to see some of you guys at some point this week
before I return to the UK and fly out to Prague to shoot scenes! I
can’t wait to meet the Prague team aswell as shoot out there.
Hopefully you will love our two DVDs from Porto and the one that I
shoot in Prague!?