I think 2016 has to go down in history as the busiest year for new twink stars arriving at Staxus. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there were busier years, but it really seems to me that we’ve seen more new boys arriving in the past nine months than at any time before.

And you know what? The boys just keep on cumming! Pun intended.

We have yet another gorgeous new twink boy arriving to share some horny fun with the other boys, and he’s being welcomed in the best way possible by sexy young Staxus superstar Ray Mannix. Say hello to slim and sexy young Clyde Walton.

There are a lot of boys I would not mind being fucked by in a debut video, but Ray is right up there in the top five for me. I know I’m not alone in that, would any of you choose another?

From what I’ve seen of Cum Harvest Scene 3 the new boy can certainly take a fucking, he doesn’t need a whole lot of direction by the looks of things. Check out the one pic I’m sharing with you today and make sure you’re checking back here for the arrival of this video, you don’t have long to wait for this one :)

I know we’re not done yet with welcoming new stars too, I’m not telling you anything else, but just know that we’re going to be seeing more fresh-faced hotties arriving this month.