Happy Wednesday boys! I hope your week is going well so far. Mine is pretty good, I went out for a walk in the snow this morning and got into an unexpected snowball fight with a couple of my neighbors. I think I won lol

So, what do I have for you guys today? How about some behind the scenes shots from the boys in the coming Refugee scene? Yeah, we have some extra shots from the set with gorgeous young stars Charlie Keller and Lior Hod, and even though I think you’ll probably all be craving more from these two you’re gonna have to wait for the full video to drop tomorrow.

Don’t be thinking I got any special treatment with this one either. I’ve only seen what you guys have seen, and been told what to expect from the video. So, as you can imagine, I’m just as eager to see this new video arrive as you guys are. If you haven’t watched the trailer on the blog from yesterday then you really ought to go and check that out.

As you can see from these three pics, the boys had a good time on the set. After looking around the place and being pretty impressed with the history of the building they were trying to get into character a little, and it got a little farcical. We’re not sure what exactly the boys were thinking with their angry poses and their salutes, but I think it had something to do with them playing soldier.

I know it’s become something of a cliche to say that the guys hit it off and really had a good time with each other, but it’s basically true of everyone we ever film. There’s probably only been a handful of times over the years where a boy didn’t get along with a costar. Lior had seen Charlie in a few of his earlier scenes and was really looking forward to working with him, and Charlie is just one of those guys who is really excited all the time and loves to meet anyone new. From what I’ve heard he’s like a big playful puppy and everyone seems to love working with him.

Something tells me that we might be finding out more about some of the antics and fun these boys all had on the set of the Refugee movie, and I’m looking forward to it!

Be back here tomorrow for the arrival of the scene, and if you haven’t seen the previous videos in this series make sure you click through and take a look around.