Happy Friday boys! It’s the end of the week and I have a feeling a lot of you guys are already getting ready for an evening out on the town – whichever town that might be. Before you all go out and get a little drunk, you might want to check out this gorgeous new arrival on the Staxus site and read up a little on what I know about him ;)

So, yesterday we saw the arrival of the sweet and twinky bottom boy Ivo Thomas, being fucked bareback and deep by equally gorgeous Arthur Kral, and it seems that this video and the new boy have gained a lot of attention.

I can understand that, the video is excellent, and this new twink Ivo is making hearts flutter and cocks dribble all over the world ;)

So, what do we know about this brand new bottom twink?

Thankfully we have some info on his profile page, and I can tell you that he’s a Czech twink from Brno. He has a 7″ uncut dick, and he loves to have his tight smooth little ass filled with cock! He has a tongue piercing that guys love to feel when he sucks them off.

I guess this is mostly stuff we already knew, but I have a little more to tell you too…

He has a fantasy of being made to suck the cocks of a whole football team, and wants to be in spit-roasted by two muscled boys with big cocks – I think we can get the second one happening on video, but I’m not sure Staxus can get a whole football team together! I guess we could try though, I would love to see this new boy being fed so much cock from so many fit boys ;)

Check out some of his pics, and make sure you watch his first video too, it’s a great one that has a lot of the members wanting more of this boy.