I think we all have a few boys on the site that we all absolutely love, Martin Rivers is definitely one of them. Although we haven’t seen him for a few months now I know that his videos are still getting a lot of love from the fans, and justifiably so. I don’t know how many of his scenes are in my faves list, but you can bet it’s nearly all of them! Of course, we had to find out a little more about the boy, so we got together to ask some questions and give you guys a little interview. You’ll notice the questions have changed a little, we’re focusing more on what you guys really want to know about the boys. If you have any suggestions for questions we can ask, make sure to leave a comment and maybe we can add yours to the list?

Anyway, enough from me, check out the interview with gorgeous Martin Rivers and make sure you go and watch his videos, even if you’ve watched them all three times already like I’m pretty sure I have :)

Staxus: I was watching the video with you and Adam Cartney again yesterday and thinking about all the places you’ve had sex on camera, from tables to chairs to outside, do you have any favorites?

Martin: I love outdoor sex, so if weather is fine, you can always catch me and fuck me outside in the sun! If it’s rainy or too cold, nothing compares with a comfortable, warm bed. I know that sex on a table or a chair looks hot, but it’s not really comfortable.

Staxus: Outdoor sex comes with risks though, I know that too well! I’m guessing showing off in public is something you’ve done and not just for porn?

Martin: Yes, and not just once! I already had some issued with local security agents because of “indecent behaviour” (that’s how they called it) because I was laying on a towel in the grass in a public park. I don’t know what problem they had, I wore a jockstrap and it was summer! I was not even naked, but I was told to leave the park. But that did not stop me from having sex in that park later in the night haha!

Staxus: I actually used to work in security, and I would never have sent you away. I think you probably would have liked my uniform!

Martin: I like men in uniforms, but I love men in suits! Guys in suits look so important and I like important men haha

Staxus: I agree, men in suits are very sexy indeed, especially if you have a high sex drive. I’m assuming you do? How often do you like to have sex?

Martin: I try to get it every day, but unfortunately I do not manage to get it! Haha So, in every day life I think I have sex in 4 or 5 of 7 nights.

Staxus: I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there reading this who would gladly help you get it every night! Some would probably even switch and top for you. Are you mostly a bottom?

Martin: Most of the time I am a bottom. Being a bottom does not necessarily mean that you are passive. I like to ride my partner and in the end it is me who does all the work and my partner just lies on the ground haha

Staxus: So, on those nights when you’re solo, you enjoy wanking?

Martin: Yes, not on a regular basis, but now and then. Real sex is best, but if you can’t get it, your hand is your best friend. I learned that phrase from a buddy in my teenager days and it is still true.

Staxus: Ah, I think a lot of young men had wank friends, is that how it was with you and your friend then?

Martin: In hindsight I would say we were wank buddies. Casual wanking now and then, but we had no relationship.

Staxus: I think I was too young for a relationship when I was wanking with friends then. What do you think about fuck buddies now, and would you sleep with a good friend?

Martin: Yes, and i think the friendship makes the sex even more special.

Staxus: I agree with that idea, some of my friends know exactly what to say or do to get me interested in some friendly fun. Is there anything that really turns you on?

Martin: Hmmm… I would say cock! No, joking aside, I actually am horny all day, so I do not need to be stimulated in a special way.

Staxus: So you’re always ready for some fun, but do you prefer late night sex or early morning?

Martin: Definitely late night sex! I need my sleep in the morning and there is nothing worse than those days when I have to get up early. Not even cocks can get be out of bed!

Staxus: I know what you mean, but I always have to deal with that morning boner. It’s a nice way to start the day too. I guess at night you can just relax after though, is there anything you like to do after sex?

Martin: I like to be hugged. Having sex can be something very intimate and I like it when my partner gives me a big long hug after our cumshots. I also like it when my partner hugs me from behind and when I feel his cock getting bigger again I know it is time to turn around for a second or third round.

Staxus: Sounds like you could really wear a guy out in the bedroom, and I like it! But surely that must mean there are some times when you need to take care of business yourself, so do you have any toys to help with that?

Martin: One of my best friends is a black silicone dildo. I bought it some years ago and even if I had others in the meantime, this one is still my favourite. It is not the biggest I have, because I am more trained these days, but I somehow feel connected to it.

Staxus: Nice to know there is someone who helps you out when no human cock is around! Many thanks for your time and your answers!

If you haven’t seen all of his videos yet I highly recommend you click through and take a look around. He’s one of the hottest stars of the last year for a reason and you definitely deserve to enjoy him like the rest of us have!