I just wanted to start this post off by adding to what Andy posted on the blog earlier regarding New York. If you haven’t read that post, it seems that members in the region are experiencing connection and download problems, likely as a result of the power issues from the storm. I want to reiterate that many of the Staxus members around the world are most definitely thinking about those affected by Hurricane Sandy. It’s really quite terrible to see the level of damage and destruction, and of course the loss of life. Our thoughts are definitely with those affected.

Now, I know that some of you might need a distraction from all that news. We all need something to occupy our minds occasionally, right?

I think I have the perfect thing in this twink BDSM scene from the Dirty Fuckers collection on the site.

Dominant inked dude Micky di Carlo has a hot young twink BDSM lover in his clutches, and he’s about to enjoy the lads wet mouth and tight hole. The lad in question is the cute Nick Kelson, a boy not inexperienced when it comes to sharing his ass with other guys!

He gets a taste of Micky’s uncut boner first, receiving a delicious face fucking. But it’s that tight little butt the dude is really after and when he’s eased it open with a big black dildo he’s ready to slide his raw shaft inside for a deep dicking!

After getting the cum fucked out of him by the handsome rough stud our twink BDSM boy takes a tasty facial from the dude to end a hot session.

Check out the video on the site when you get the chance. You can search on the title (Cellar-bound fun) to get the gallery and video up in an instant ;)

Hardcore Twink BDSM Porn (1)

Hardcore Twink BDSM Porn (2)

Hardcore Twink BDSM Porn (3)

Hardcore Twink BDSM Porn (4)

Hardcore Twink BDSM Porn (5)