Dear Staxus fans and members,

I’m sorry it took me so long to wish you a Happy New Year but I took a longer, long-expected holiday and just got back in the office yesterday (took me 9 hours just to go through all the emails :D )

2012 was a very big and busy year for us, the biggest highlight was obviously the (re)launch of The site has evolved since then, with the massive help of you, our loyal fanbase, and we will keep on improving it bit by bit in 2013.

The Staxus Blog was also a huge success, way better than we anticipated, and I have posted a small 3 photo info graphic on the bottom of this post with some stats. The blog will continue to be daily updated in 2013 and I hope to get you guys a lot more interviews, behind the scene shots and eventually start some contests on the blog (I have quite a few ideas but time is king and didn’t had much of that in 2012).

We have recently launched the Staxus Forum. Some of you already joined in and started opening topics regarding scenes, models and got in touch with our current directors, Michael Burling and John Smith. We haven’t started to promote the forum heavily yet, we are still working on it (we have some spam issues at the moment) but we plan to do that soon and hopefully it will become a big community in 2013. was reviewed by a lot of sites in 2012 and we received very good feedback and ratings which made us feel proud and happy that we were able to make it a big hit in the over-crowded gay porn world. But the most important thing that matters for us are your comments and feedback, the ones coming directly from our members and fans. I dare to say 95% of it was positive and went straight into our hearts. We had our series of bugs, errors and failures, it happens with every new product, but with your help we managed to fix them and we continue to strive to give you one of the best experiences you can find.

We will continue to ask your opinion in 2013 regarding what scene themes, models and model pairings you want and with your help and guidance we can make this year even better than the last.

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart goes to our most active members, here on the blog but also on the site and forum: DutchDude, Marko, JA Garcia, Motzki, Stuart, Spunky, KeithBryant, RobyRob, Simon, Mike and all the others that contributed massively to engaging our other fans to communicate and provided us with constant feedback and suggestions, helping us make all our sites and content better and better. I wish I could name you all but the list is very long :)

I also want to thank our directors, Michael and John, as well as our models that find time in their very busy schedules to answer you all and interact with you. I know how much work and passion they put into Staxus and it is extraordinary that they still find the time and manage to answer your requests and questions and they always look forward to your feedback, good or bad, that makes them understand what you guys like and dislike.

Best wishes for 2013, great health and I hope you will continue to love Staxus as much as we do!

Kind regards,