I was at the gym this morning meeting up with a friend of mine and I discovered that they’d just opened a new massage therapy suite last week. I knew they were working on something but there was no fanfare about it or anything, they just basically took the boards down and there it was, a new little spa place for members to get a rub down from a professional after a good workout. I have to confess that me and my buddy were both intrigued by this, and we spent a little while talking about the chances of getting a happy ending if there’s a gay massage therapist working there! lol

I have no doubt there isn’t, it’s probably fully staffed by blond bimbos with enhanced racks and fake nails. But it gave us some nice thoughts for a while.

And when I got home after our coffee I was on the Staxus site looking for some gay massage action, and found this hot video with Jeffery Radden and Toby James. I thought you guys might like a little look at the scene!

Hairy British hottie Toby James is the one giving his smooth muscled buddy Jeffrey Radden a good seeing to in this one, oiling him up and playing with his hole. And he gives him more than the ubiquitous handjob too as they swallow each other and Toby eases his inches into that hot butt for a ride.

Cum fans will love the ending of this one. Jeffrey gets the jizz fucked out of him and delivers a thick and heavy load, and then he gets a tasty meal from his gay massage buddy as Toby pumps out his own cream into his muscle boys mouth!

I think I might have to go and book a session in the new massage place after watching this. I just hope there really is some hunky dude offering his hands (and maybe more too) for the clients! lol

Toby James fucks Jeffrey Radden (1)

Toby James fucks Jeffrey Radden (2)

Toby James fucks Jeffrey Radden (3)

Toby James fucks Jeffrey Radden (4)