It sounds like the perfect recipe for a horny session between a couple of Staxus guys, doesn’t it? “Sucked, rimmed, fingered and fucked” is the title of this twink porn video, and it’s a pretty accurate description too. I think all we needed to add on to this is mention of all the warm cum flooding out of those cocks at the end! ;)

Johny Hunter is the one getting so much attention in this video, with Dorsy providing his special services to his friend. Of course, there’s a lot of shared action in this one, and Johny gets plenty of precum dribbled into his mouth too as he feasts on Dorsy’s uncut boner.

You’ll notice the presence of a pool table in this scene, and I have been known to play a few games with guys in the pubs and clubs. There might be the promise of a drink for the winner when I’m playing, but I would absolutely much rather prefer some shared cock sucking and butt fucking as a reward! lol

I guess it’s hard to pick a winner when the prize is something like that. I mean, if the winner gets sucked off I would be happy losing!

This is one real horny twink porn video, with a lot of action between two incredibly sexy young men. If you get the chance to watch it you most definitely should. Log in and check it out, you can search on the scene name and find the gallery and video to stroke a load out to.

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