So all these pics I got for the new FIRE ME UP series coming to the Staxus site has had me thinking back to when I knew a trainee firefighter a few years ago. I was wondering whether I should share this experience with you guys but then I figured even though it’s not a hardcore story it’s definitely one worth sharing!

I don’t want to give away my age (I’m not actually that old, thanks very much), but lets say it was in the late 90’s and I was a young man just working out that I was really (and I mean REALLY) into guys :)

I met an Irish hottie through a friend of mine at work, he was training to become a firefighter and if the fact that he was totally fit, incredibly handsome and extremely flirtatious with everyone wasn’t enough to get my interest the imagined image of him in a fireman’s outfit was.

Yeah, I’m one of those guys who has a thing for men in uniform, but mostly military and fire services. I don’t know what it is about those two, but something does it for me.

I got to know this guy over the course of a few months and I realized that his flirting wasn’t entirely without action. One night we were having a drink and he made some flirty remark about giving him a hand job and I jumped at the opportunity. For a long time I’d just played along thinking it was a ll a joke but I decided that the next time he made a joke I would get into it and see how far he would go.

Seconds later his big dick was out and in my hands, and mine was in his.

We didn’t do a whole lot, just some mutual wanking and sucking (which might be why I love seeing guys wanking and blowing each other so much these days) but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. We must have had four or five hasty wanks and sucks over the course of the next month, until he met a girl he was serious about and it all just kind of stopped. It was partly my fault too though I found my first proper boyfriend in that time.

I never got to see him in any uniform, but I still think about that today, and this pic I’ve added to the post really had me thinking back to that guy.

I wonder where he is now and if he’s still getting that big uncut dick out for some of his mates to play with? :)

What about you guys? Have any of you ever got it on with a guy in uniform? And what uniforms do it for you?