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Brad Fitt was recently in the UK for some filming with the sexy British boys, and this is a little sneaky peek behind the scenes. He’s chilling out with Connor Levi for this interview, with some interesting little facts thrown in that you won’t find anywhere else.

For instance, this was Brad’s first time time in the UK, and his first time on a plane too. When Connor flew out to Prague for his scene recently it was his first time on a plane – it just goes to show you that working with Staxus offers a lot more than just the chance to have a career enjoying cock with other gorgeous boys! It seems there’s an exchange program too! lol

Although, I have to ask – Connor, did you really think you can open windows on planes? There is a slight issue with the atmosphere in the plane being pressurized you know. Please promise me you wont be trying to open any more plane windows any time soon! lol

Something I am left considering after watching this interview – what does “Gangnam style” cock riding look like? I have to admit, it’s something I want to see lol

Check out the interview, and make sure you check out the guys in action on the Staxus site if you haven’t done already.