I have to start off this post by reminding you guys that there’s a new video on the Staxus site. I shared some pics of a new gallery that was added yesterday, with Rudy Valentino fucking James Wilson, and the video was added soon after for all you horny guys to wank over. So make sure you check out that new exclusive performer riding Rudy’s cock when you get the chance!

Now, back to business! I have a hot scene I’ve been watching this evening that I think will be the night-time wank for you guys. Does everyone else have a routine like me? I have a wank in the morning before my shower, then sometimes one after the gym (all that muscle cock in the showers always gets me horny) then another tug before bed too. Of course, if I have someone to help me out I do take advantage ;)

So this video should be a good one for all you pre-bed jerkers out there who like to purge their nuts before hitting the sack.

It’s another really great twink threeway video as gorgeous Michal Dean takes on two hard cocks and sucks them both, then gets on the table to take each of the lads in his ass one after the other, all the while feasting on the others leaking tool.

Some boys are just so hungry for cock you can tell they can’t wait to get the cream shooting, and he’s definitely one of them, taking both boys loads over his face as they explode their juice to finish off the twink threeway!

If this doesn’t give you some real sweet dreams tonight, nothing will! lol

Michal Dean fucked by two boys (1)

Michal Dean fucked by two boys (2)

Michal Dean fucked by two boys (3)

Michal Dean fucked by two boys (4)