You all know how much we love to find out your opinions. What you think of our gorgeous guys and what they get up to means the world to us, and we build our content on what the fans think. So, after posting yesterday and mentioning all the new Sportladz videos coming our way, and all the brand new boys we have joining the team, we couldn’t wait to find out which of the new lads you’re most looking forward to!

So let me mention each of them one by one, and then you can take the poll and let us – and everyone else – know who is floating your boat the most…

Connor Levi is one of those gorgeous young twinks all of the Staxus members seem to go wild over. I know a lot of the blog readers have been pretty turned on with the pics we’ve had of him on here already. He’s so pretty, but you know he’s one of those sweet boys who likes to get real dirty too!

Then we have the freckle-faced boy Kai Alexander, perhaps one of the cutest twinks the members have ever seen! I know what you’re thinking, he looks a little too innocent. But let me tell you, some of the guys in the office have been shocked by how horny for cock this lad is lol

Jesse Magowan has the eyes of an Angel – one that’s sucked so much dick and played with so much ass he’s been cast out from Heaven and forced to remain on Earth with us Heathens! lol

Then we have Heath Denson, a toned and athletic lad who could give you the kind of workout you wouldn’t mind aching from afterwards.

Personally, I cannot wait to see more of the stunning John Parker! If you read my last post and saw the video of him giving Kevin Ateah a rub down you’re probably eager to see more of him too. And as I’ve seen what he gets up to when he locks the door I know a lot of you are going to be fans.

Check out the boys, vote in the poll, and why not leave a comment too? I love to find out what you think of our boys ;)

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