Hi guys and welcome back after what I hope has been a lovely Easter. I hope you got all the eggs you were hoping for – but don’t worry if you ate too much over the long weekend! A combination of sport and lots of sex will soon burn away all those nasty extra calories. :D

Indeed, I’ll help your weight loss get off to a great start courtesy of some excessive wanking, by providing you with some filthy news about our horny guys. This time it’s all about Connor Rex, Ron Negba and a burning candle!

Some days ago I leaked some top secret information by telling you that Connor was up to try something new. To be absolutely precise, he wanted to try a bit of BDSM – and hey, that boy really got off on it!

You can see in his video with Ron that he liked to walk the thin divide between pain and pleasure caused by the hot wax from the burning candle, which he stuck up Ron’s eager butt! Let’s hope to see more of the bad boy Connor, testing new things out and probing new boys with his gorgeous fuckstick.

If you ask me, Ron is the perfect partner for such a handsome, sweet, luscious and (above all) demanding Connor, offering his arse, mouth and everything in between for a great display of gay rutting. This scene is so much more than “just” an ordinary massage scene; including great blowjobs, wonderful and exciting ATM and some deep anal fucking that will make you wank over and over again!

I can never get enough of squirting cocks after a sweaty match on the massage table; and if you’re just the same then check out the trailer and watch the full length sodomy this Thursday on Staxus.com!

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