Hey guys, I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend! I know a lot of you guys have been enjoying a long weekend off too, and I hear that numbers on the site have been reflecting that. It looks like a lot of you guys have been enjoying the weekend by wanking out some juice watching a lot of the videos on the Staxus site ;)

So, what have you guys been enjoying recently? I thought I would share some of the opinions being expressed on the videos and give those of you who might not be members a little taste of what the members have been saying.

To start with, I have to talk about one of the most impressive videos we’ve ween recently. This was a gay interracial bareback fourgy with Alejandro Marbena, Devon LeBron, Jace Reed and Troy Stevenson, and it was correctly predicted to be a popular release.

Biggerthebetter“Now this is probably one of the best, if not the best Staxus scene of all time =)”

I have to agree with this members suggestion, and it seems that a few of the other members were in agreement too.

Nympho_Maniac“I guess from Devon and Alejandro, all of us Staxus regulars don’t expect anything but brilliant, hot action with spectacular pounding action. Adding Jace Reed (is it his debut clip? Hot… and he really doesn’t need to hide for his dick size either even next to the Dominicans!) and Troy Stevenson (who was really tortured in the DP!) made it a perfect foursome. Fucking hot! :-)))”

Again, I agree that both Devon and Alejandro have proven themselves a couple of the most impressive tops in the videos they’ve been in. As for Jace and his near 9″ cock, this wasn’t his first outing for the Staxus site. He’s been in two other videos )Assaulted On Both Fronts! Tim Law Gets A Double-Dicked Army Inspection! and Dick Casey Takes A Red Raw Ride On His New Buddy’s Horse-Hung Cockhead!) He’s certainly a great find and has been delivering that big dick to other boys with some obvious skill.

We’ve also seen a great video with Kris Wallace and Alejandro Marbena recently too, with a lot of great feedback from the fans too. I guess that’s to be expected when you have two amazing guys like these two getting it on together.

Biggerthebetter“So hot I almost came without touching myself. You could tell that they both loved every single second of it.”

I don’t think he’s the only one. Kris is one of the most adored jock boys on the site, and Alejandro has obviously pleased a lot of the fans with his massive cock and those expert topping skills.

Vaclav“I adore Kris since the first day I saw him here on Staxus. And, here, with Alejandro, he did again a very good scene. He loves to have fun ;) … oh yes he does ! Loved seeing him taking from behind .. the camera showed everything from behind on the beginning like the way I enjoy so much.”

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Kris too, and I have to echo Vaclav’s opinion of the guy. It is a great appearance by the guy, and he’s obviously enjoying himself throughout the scene. Of all the guys we’ve seen arrive on the site in the last year I think he’s absolutely one of the best.

There we have it guys, a little example of the opinions the fans have been giving on the site. It’s great to be able to share these on the blog with guys who might not be members yet.