Yeah, I realized that I called the post yesterday a “New Scene on Staxus” instead of “Coming Soon on Staxus”, my bad. I’m not gonna change it now! But I am gonna give you horny guys another little peek at the action as Rudy Valentino gets his cock seduced by the tight twink ass and hot sucking mouth of Xander Hollis in a gay massage video ;)

I say that Rudy was “seduced” but we have to be honest here and say that with a boy like Xander there’s not much resistance to his charms to begin with. Come on, you have to admit that if you had Xander playing with your cock you would be putty in his hands and let him do whatever he wants. Okay, maybe “putty in his hands” isn’t the way to describe it, because putty definitely isn’t rock solid and throbbing! lol

Anyway, Rudy is obviously open to it as Xander starts playing with his uncut cock and tight little hole. But you know it’s not gonna be Rudy getting that dick in his ass. Xander is a bottom boy, and for a guy like Rudy he’s open and ready to take a real bareback fucking.

The gay massage video quickly becomes an intense raw butt fuck with Rudy getting his inches deep in that twitching twink hole, with Xander riding it to a hot cum gusher of a load and Rudy adding his own mess for the twink to lap up. Rudy delivers a really messy splashing in this one! ;)

Xander Hollis gets his twink ass fucked by Rudy Valentino