In the last few weeks we’ve seen some kinky action on the Staxus blog, with some BDSM, some hot wax and now some foot fetish fun in the videos too. You probably all know that Staxus likes to mix things up with fetish and kinky action from time to time, and we have sections on the site for uniforms, outdoor fucking, massive cocks and dirty fuckers etc… but I got to thinking whether there are things that you might like to see in your porn videos that we don’t see a lot of.

So I thought I would ask you, and just invite you to comment on the post and tell everyone if there’s something that you might want to see in videos when it comes to kinks or fetishes that you guys might have. I can’t guarantee that there will be anything filmed with your desired kink of course, but it might be interesting to see if there are any popular themes out there with kinks and fetishes that we might not have thought of before.

Personally, I know there are some guys here who hate the boys wearing clothes during a scene, but I think that can be an interesting and horny thing. Other guys have complained before about boys wearing cocks in some of the videos, but I know some guys who have a sock fetish, especially when they’re sports socks!

So, share your kinks and fetishes and mention them in the comments below if it’s something the other fans might be interested in too, you never know what could happen! ;)