So we had some horny gay firemen earlier today, and on my travels around the Staxus site I found another great video of some hardcore gay police officers too! Needless to say it’s going to end up on the blog for you guys to check out. So I’ll tell you a little about it and then give you some pics to appreciate. Of course, if you want to find it on the site (I know a lot of our readers are members of the site, and if you’re not, why not?) then you just need to search on the title “A very probing investigation”.

These gay police officers have a sexy prisoner they intend to interrogate, but these guys don’t go by the rules! Everyone like to make their job more fun in any way they can, and these hunks have definitely found the perfect way to make their job as exciting and hot as can be ;)

Pablo Tuty is the guy we are all jealous of. He’s the prisoner taking every one of those gay police officer dicks in his mouth and ass, one by one as they all enter to try to get some information out of him. Of course, that’s the game – but we know this is not about solving a crime, it’s about each one of those gay police men getting their raw dicks wet in a guys ass and splashing his hole with their hot cum loads!

Zack Hood is the first to get to play, making Pablo suck on his uncut boner before he bends the guy over the desk and fucks his ass until his cum is squirting out all over it! But then it’s time for muscled daddy Jacob Bishop to stretch that mouth and ass with his meaty cock, and a hard black truncheon too! Hal Stubbes is the next to get a turn, ramming Pablo good and deep. And then finally Jeff Stern arrives to feed the detainee his own thick uncut one, erupting his load before Pablo wanks out his own cum from his hung cock all over the gay police officers handsome face!

I don’t think they solved any crimes, but Pablo Tuty managed to service all the officers in precinct by the looks of things!

Now, don’t be fooled, if you go out and commit some petty crime in the hopes that you’ll get the same kind of treatment, it’s very unlikely! lol

Gay Cops bareback fuck their prisoner (1)

Gay Cops bareback fuck their prisoner (2)

Gay Cops bareback fuck their prisoner (3)

Gay Cops bareback fuck their prisoner (4)