The Football Focus collection has been getting a lot of attention and praise already, and there’s a lot more to come in this series too. We have another scene coming up in a few days and it’s starring the gorgeous inked lad Mickey Rush, a boy I know a lot of you love to see in action.

I’m not sure if there’s anything specific about him that you guys really enjoy, I think he’s just one of those handsome young guys who just has pretty much everything we love to see in a hot top twink.

And he is most definitely a top, he’s been in some great scenes already and he’s always the one sliding his long uncut cock into another boys ass. He plays that part well though, looking like one of those straight boys who just loves to stick his dick into a warm and wet hole :)

Although he’s only been in four videos on the site (the coming one will be his fifth) I think we can expect a lot more from him this year. From what I understand he’s eager to make more videos and wants to top some of the other really fit young men arriving in the coming months.

Yes, there’s some more new guys coming up later :)