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Tag: Staxus Model

Paul Walker – The Ultimate “Gay-For-Pay” Idol …?

Paul Walker – The Ultimate “Gay-For-Pay” Idol …?

People have always had a tendency to look down on the concept of “Gay-For-Pay” in porn – the notion being that if a guy isn’t into other guys in real life then how can he possibly give the impression of being into them in front of the camera? Well, like it or not, boys who will fuck other boys for cash have always been around...

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Staxus Model Interview: Alexander Syden

I know a lot of you guys really enjoy the interviews with some of the hottest Staxus stars on the site, and some of the members will have already logged in today to find out more about the sexy twink Alexander Syden in his interview. This is a shorter question and answer session than some of the others we’ve had, but when you see it...

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Photo Session: Tim Walker

Okay, so the new Staxus boy Prince Nixon has become Tim Walker. If you hadn’t noticed that then you might have been a little confused about the whole thing lol This gorgeous twink boy arrived on the site just recently, but there was somewhat of a “todo” about his name. I think it was okay, but plenty of the fans spoke out about it and...

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Staxus Model Interview: Rudy Valentino

We all have our favorite Staxus boys, but I think we can all agree that one of the most popular amongst almost all the fans and members is Rudy Valentino. This guy is not only handsome and so well built too, he’s really sexy, always horny, and totally amazing to watch on video. Rudy Valentino just oozes sex, and plenty of the guys just can’t...

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