People have always had a tendency to look down on the concept of “Gay-For-Pay” in porn – the notion being that if a guy isn’t into other guys in real life then how can he possibly give the impression of being into them in front of the camera? Well, like it or not, boys who will fuck other boys for cash have always been around – and always will! – and arguably there’s never been anyone who’s fitted this description better than handsome Brit stud, Paul Walker.

Paul appeared in a succession of STAXUS movies about three or four years back, and made no bones of the fact that when he wasn’t doing gay porn then he was off working for straight studios fucking the living daylights out of (very lucky!) girls. He also appeared for other gay studios, including In short, as long as it was legal and someone was willing to pay, this young fellow would fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime!

One thing he would never do, however, was suck cock. We’re gonna hold back from expressing our personal opinions on this, save to say that we had lots of fans contacting us at the time requesting – sometimes politely, sometimes less so – that he get dick in his mouth. It remains a contentious issue. Should guys getting paid to do porn do things they really don’t want to? Or should they be regarded as artists who perform best when they’re only doing things they feel comfortable with? We’d love to hear your views.

Whether you regard Paul as a refreshing change to the usual type of guys you see in gay porn, or as a bit of a fraud, one thing pretty much everyone agrees about … he was one gorgeous, horny fucker! And chances are men will be wanking off to the boy from Leicester for a long, long time to cum!

Paul’s now retired from adult entertainment and has actually settled down to family life. Last thing we heard he was working as a stunt-double; and who knows, maybe he’ll make it into mainstream acting yet …?

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