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Tag: Muscle Boys

Some experiences from the gym

Some experiences from the gym

Hi guys, I just want to share with you some experiences from the gym… So one day a while ago I decided to work out my body to look great, sexy and stunning. So for that was only the one thing to do … GYM! So I went to shop and I bought some nice sports clothing, trainers, and gloves ohohohohhh Believe or not, but...

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Featured Scene: Blonde stud cums twice!!

Hey guys! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far. I am, I hooked up with a friend last night and had a great time, and tonight I’m meeting up with one of my other “curious” buddies to get some cock sucking going. We usually start those nights off with some shared wanking over a video, so I’m on the site this afternoon looking...

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Featured Scene: A little bit of muscle

This is definitely one of those Staxus scenes for all the fans of muscle boys. I guess we have a few boys on the site that could be described as such, but I think Ennio Guardi is one of the hottest of them all. I know there are a lot of his fans here, and after more of you guys check out this video of...

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Featured Scene: Blond sex fuck sensation

I know we all love the twink boys we have on the Staxus site, and there has been a lot of action recently with some of those slim Czech and British boys getting it on – of course there’s more to come with the release of the new feature “Skyball” too – but we can’t forget that there are plenty of horny defined and muscled...

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Featured Scene: Hard cock and chiselled abs

It’s time for some of the young jock cock from the Staxus site, and this one comes to you from the Raw collection. I love our bareback cock action, we have a lot of it on the site and it’s something we do really well. I guess it’s lucky that so many of our guys love to take it hard and bareback, and these two...

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Featured Scene: Stud threesome!!

Are you feeling greedy today? I get that quite a lot, and on day when I feel really greedy I love to share some of my favorite orgy and gay threeway videos from the Staxus site. This is one that I have enjoyed more times than I can count! I don’t want to make it sound arrogant, but I have to say that we know...

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Featured Scene: Hungry little ass

Alex Stevens is one of those boys that no Staxus fan can forget. I know we all have a few favorites on the site, and believe me when I say that I have more than just a few favorites. After meeting so many of the guys and finding out how sweet and sexy they are in real life, it just adds to the intensity of...

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