Being typical gay guys, I think we all put things up our butts which were not actually ever supposed to be put there! When I was younger, I was so lucky to have friends I could share my dirtiest fantasies with; and once we tested our teenager limits by inserting pencils in our asses – and laughed later at school when we saw that someone else used those same pencils for his or her schoolwork! Yeah, the good old days… :)

Nowadays, people can buy every imaginable (and unbelievable) toy to please themselves and their asses, but it has to be said that candles have always been on the short-lists of insertable items.

No wonder that such randy guys as Connor Rex and Ron Negba make good use of an innocently placed candle on set, integrating it into their sensual massage scene, and creating an unforgettable hardcore porn where Connor gets waxed for the very first time!

Before the candle takes the centre of our boys’ attention, both start with an intimate rubdown of swollen body parts – in other words: They suck cock like bitches on heat and massage every inch of the hard, uncut flesh that both boys proudly share with each other!

Being a big fan of Ron I can’t keep my hands out of my pants as I watch him worshipping Connor’s big ramrod, licking and sucking his balls; before Connor’s adventurous side takes charge and he sticks a candle into Ron’s arse, then lights it and dripping the hot wax on his body!

Of course, it’s a mixture of joy and pain when the wax hits your skin, but the fact that it comes from Ron’s ass surely adds a special kink to the situation!
No wonder that Connor, totally overwhelmed by his first BDSM experience, feels the need to fuck his sexy candleholder; as he buries his naked shaft deep into Ron’s eager hole, giving him a really good fuck that will make you cum in no time!

Try to time your cumshot to coincide with both Ron’s cum explosion and Connor’s creamy orgasm, because a shared cumshot is a better cumshot :)

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