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05 Apr 2014

Coming Soon on Staxus: Pissing off your commanding officer can get you well and truly fucked

As if I wasn’t already thinking about all the fun guys have in the army way too much (seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to read about!) my infatuation is being supported even more by all the gay army porn scenes appearing on the Staxus site recently! It’s like the guys in the office are reading my mind or something, especially when it comes...

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12 Mar 2014

New Scene on Staxus: Swimwear shopping HD

I’m gonna admit that I am a poor excuse for a gay man, because I absolutely HATE shopping, with a passion. I can happily spend my money on line, but take me to a shopping center and I’ll scurry away to the nearest pub at the earliest opportunity. However, having said that, if I were shopping with either of these hung gay boys I would...

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06 Mar 2014

New Scene on Staxus: Jaxon Radoc Gets Stretched In The Shower, Before Enjoying A Jizzy Swim-Time Facial! HD

The guys at Staxus really have been busy recently! Because I wasn’t here yesterday I have a little more to share with you guys today, and it seems that the guys have been adding a little extra to make up for the down time yesterday too. I don’t mind that at all, considering gorgeous straight uncut boy Billy Rubens (a Staxus Exclusive BTW) is appearing...

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03 Mar 2014

New Scene on Staxus: Two Hot, Horny Students Kill Time With A Raw, Cum-Drenched Flip-Flop Desktop Fuck! HD

Highly voted and thoroughly enjoyed by many of the members already, this latest flip flop fucking video on the Staxus site has proved popular. I can understand that, after all, it features the totally delicious Jaxon Radoc and new Staxus exclusive Louis Blakeson! Yes, this sexy new boy is another in the Staxus exclusive club, joining a great group of other exclusive boys that you...

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02 Mar 2014

Coming Soon on Staxus: Two Hot, Horny Students Kill Time With A Raw, Cum-Drenched Flip-Flop Desktop Fuck!

Gay uniform sex is a big thing on the Staxus site right now, and we’ve been enjoying some of the most intensely hot action between student boys in some of the recent videos. This new arrival coming soon to the site is continuing that theme, with fan fave Jaxon Radoc enjoying some raw dicked action with new boy Louis Blakeson. It seems that this video...

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25 Feb 2014

New Scene on Staxus: Flip-Flopping Fuckers Suck, Rim & Ram Raw Ass For A Spunky, Big-Dicked Crescendo! HD

Mutual bareback fucking doesn’t get much hotter than this new video on the Staxus site! You saw some photos from this new video last night, but now the video is up on the site a lot of you guys have been wanking out some juice over it. Don’t try to deny it (as if you would!) And you’re right to be shooting so much spunk...

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24 Feb 2014

Coming Soon on Staxus: Flip-Flopping Fuckers Suck, Rim & Ram Raw Ass For A Spunky, Big-Dicked Crescendo!

Are you guys ready for a brand new gay bareback flip flop fucking scene on the Staxus site? Okay, yes, that was a dumb question, I think every one of you will be hauling out that meat and getting to work on yourself the moment you see this video go live on the site. Before we get to that point I need to get you...

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23 Feb 2014

Weekly Recap: Power Top Orlando White, hung interracial fucking, superhero gay porn and Billy Rubens becoming exclusive!

Well, here we have another great weekly recap, and I think you guys might have really missed this last weekend when we going through the top scenes in each category. There’s been a lot over the last seven days worth featuring again on the blog, so if you missed out on any of the posts kick back with your dick in your fist and enjoy...

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19 Feb 2014

New Scene on Staxus: Smokin’ Hot Jaxon Radoc Gets An Ass-Load Of Hard Czech Cock Up His Schoolboy Ass! HD

It seems that plenty of you guys have been enjoying the new hardcore gay bareback scene on the Staxus site starring gorgeous boys Jaxon Radoc and Orlando White, and I am not at all surprised considering these two are so incredibly popular! They’re both faves of mine, and so seeing them together in a video like this one is enough to have me turning the...

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18 Feb 2014

Coming Soon on Staxus: Fucked hard in the bathroom

Who doesn’t love to see some hardcore mensroom sex in a video? No, I didn’t think there would be many of you inclined to ignore this kind of porn, and I think when you see who it is appearing in this latest Staxus scene you’ll be itching to get in there and get your cock out for some wanking fun! ;) Jaxon Radoc is back...

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