Jaxon Radoc

Coming Soon on Staxus: Fucked hard in the bathroom

Who doesn’t love to see some hardcore mensroom sex in a video? No, I didn’t think there would be many of you inclined to ignore this kind of porn, and I think when you see who it is appearing in this latest Staxus scene you’ll be itching to get in there and get your cock out for some wanking fun! ;)

Jaxon Radoc is back once again in this school-themed scene, enjoying a sneaky cigarette in the boys room while he thinks no one is around. Unfortunately for him (or, as it turns out, extremely fortunately) he’s caught with the contraband by the always horny and incredibly sexy Orlando White!

The stunning young man has a plan to turn this to his advantage, using the threat of telling the principal to blackmail the boy into gobbling on his uncut cock. Of course, no one could possibly deny the opportunity to have that handsome guys dick in their mouth, but Jaxon takes it a lot further than that.

After some truly delicious sucking the boy gets a hardcore butt banging from the handsome young man too, and according to the description this mensroom sex session ends with a lot of hot and gooey cum splashing around too. Who would expect anything less from boys like these?

Enjoy some of the pics, and pop back later to see the video of Jaxon being rammed by the gorgeous Orlando too – I’ll be there jerking out some juice just like you all will ;)

Mensroom sex with gorgeous top Orlando White fucking hung bottom boy Jaxon Radoc (1)

Mensroom sex with gorgeous top Orlando White fucking hung bottom boy Jaxon Radoc (2)

Mensroom sex with gorgeous top Orlando White fucking hung bottom boy Jaxon Radoc (3)

Mensroom sex with gorgeous top Orlando White fucking hung bottom boy Jaxon Radoc (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Horny Shower-Room Encounter Sees Jaxon Radoc Fuck The Jizz Out Of His Deep-Throating Buddy! HD

I knew this gay shower sex scene would be a hit on the Staxus site when I saw some of the photos for it yesterday, and it seems that a lot of you guys agree with me – these two make a delicious pairing and in a very hot setting too.

I have to start this off by saying that this is the kind of scene that keeps me up at night. As a gym-going guy I am forever tormented by the sight of some incredibly gorgeous young men in the showers, and even though I have seen more than my fair share of stiff dicks being cautiously stroked in there while guys pretend they’re not, I never have the balls to proposition them – they often look far too muscled and far too straight to be actively encouraging me to appreciate their boner! lol

But, I have to say that this kind of interaction would be just what I’m looking for, and exactly what I think about when I leave those gym showers and head home to wank thinking about the latest horny guy enjoying his uncut cock while pretending no one is watching ;)

Jaxon Radoc and Oscar Roberts put on an excellent show in this gay shower sex video, with some great cum shots at the end of it too. It’s set in a bathhouse rather than a gym, and I think that’s what I might strive for instead of the usual this week. It might mean a bit of a drive to get to one, but I would love to share some cock with another dude in a setting like this.

Check out the video on the site and don’t forget to vote and comment on it too.

Gay shower sex with two hot and horny uncut bareback boys

Coming Soon on Staxus: A horny encounter

Two of our very popular boys have made their way back in front of the cameras for this new Staxus gallery and video, and I think more than a few of you are going to be very pleased to see Jaxon Radoc and Oscar Roberts teamed up for a twink shower sex scene.

I think the first thing I need to say about this shoot is that Oscar is looking mighty fine these days. Someone has been working out! It seems that he has a little more definition on his hot little body every time we see him, and it looks like big-dicked Jaxon is happy about that too.

With the extra meaty dick Jaxon is packing it’s no wonder Oscar is so eager to get it all crammed into his ass, but not before the boys swap plenty of oral. I love a good sucking in a scene, and it certainly looks like these boys spend some good time sucking each other off and rimming some tight hole too.

The setting of this one seems to highlight the action in my opinion. I would love to see more wink shower sex, bathroom action and locker room fun. Maybe I have a freakishly weird fetish for wall tiles and never knew it? lol

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (1)

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (2)

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (3)

Oscar Roberts gets a hot bareback fuck from Jaxon Radoc in this new shower video (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Xmas with Jaxon Radoc HD

So, you’ll notice that there was no posting yesterday, but it was Christmas after all, and although I did attempt to get back in time to add a couple of posts for you guys I was a little detained by family. Still, I don’t think you’ll mind so much, I am allowed one day off a year, surely? ;)

We had a little treat for all the Jaxon Radoc fans yesterday too, a little video with him talking about how he spends Christmas with his family back in Australia. He’s one of the cutest new stars of the Staxus site, having arrived earlier this year and impressed all the guys with his on-screen talents.

I had thought that it was going to be a solo wanking video, but I was pleasantly surprised to see something unexpected in this one too.

It’s not all just talk though, because the short video ends with a hot cum shot, with him being barebacked and made to unload his juice all over himself. It’s a great end to an interesting little addition for the holidays, and one that I think many of you will enjoy.

Stay tuned for some photos from the new scene coming to the Staxus site real soon, starring Dick Casey and new boy Jace Reed!

Chrsitmas with twink porn star Jaxon Radoc

Coming Soon on Staxus: Xmas with Jaxon Radoc

There’s a new gallery on the Staxus site, and it seems to suggest that we’re about to get a great solo wanking video as a special Christmas treat – with sexy young twink boy Jaxon Radoc!

I do love this hot young man, and I know a lot of the fans have become fans of his since he arrived on the site earlier this year too. He’ made some truly great appearances and all the fans seem to adore him as much as I do.

The Australian boy loves to travel, especially where there are lots of uncut guys ready to share their cocks with him. Of course, almost all of our guys here are European and uncut, so that makes his appearances even hotter for him.

Like a lot of us, he has a fetish for hooded dicks, wanking and sucking them, enjoying them and then sliding his own impressive 8 inch cock into their tight butts too.

As far as I can tell from the photos, this is going to be one very steamy Christmas themed solo wanking video from the boy, and one that should have you all joining in too.

I’ll be back later to stroke out some juice with him, you can bet on that ;)

A new solo wanking video with the hot Australian boy Jaxon Radoc (1)

A new solo wanking video with the hot Australian boy Jaxon Radoc (2)

A new solo wanking video with the hot Australian boy Jaxon Radoc (3)

A new solo wanking video with the hot Australian boy Jaxon Radoc (4)

Model Feature: Jaxon Radoc – Behind the scenes HD

I know there are plenty of new boys on the Staxus site who have grabbed your attention over the last few months, but I think Jaxon Radoc has to be one of the most popular of all. If you’ve been following everything on the Staxus Forum then you might know that this gorgeous Australian boy has returned home for a while (lets hope he’s nowhere near the wildfires in the Blue Mountains right now!) but that he’ll soon be back to film some more hot scenes with some of the other guys.

To keep us happy while he’s away, the guys in the office have created this little behind the scenes video of the boy, where we get to find out more about him as our very own intrepid journalist Connor Levi grills him for information.

There is a lot about Jaxon Radoc that we all love, but aside from his physical beauty his accent is one of the sexiest too. And check out that smile and his sweet little laugh too!

I know most of us are a little impatient at the best of times, but you’ll be glad to know that there’s more action from Jaxon coming in November. I have a feeling a lot of you will be looking forward to that as much as I am ;)

In the meantime, check out his interview on the Staxus site and swoon!

Sexy Australian twink Jaxon Radoc

New Scene on Staxus: A hot outdoor threesome HD

I was quite sure that this scene would be a popular one with the Staxus members when I shared some photos of the action on the blog yesterday, and from the comments I’ve seen on the site for this one today it seems I was right (again! lol)

But then, with boys like these enjoying their dicks in an outdoor gay threesome, is it any surprise that it’s so popular?

We’ve had a lot of new arrivals this year who have really gained some fans very fast, and Jaxon Radoc is one of them. His big dick, cute looks and hot versatile love of dick has had him coming back again and again.

Kamyk Walker really doesn’t need any introduction either, he’s been a big model on the site for a while now, and he always gets a great reception from the fans when a video with him appears.

Jake Zhang is perhaps an unknown right now, having only appeared in a few scenes on the site, but I was sure when he arrived that his cuteness and that slightly defined body would have a lot of the members drooling for more of him.
This outdoor gay threesome was a great opportunity to get all three boys together and give the twink bareback fans something they were sure to enjoy, and the video will absolutely have a lot of those members wanting more of each of these young guys ;)
Jake Zhang, Kamyk Walker and Jaxon Radoc share a fuck outside

Coming Soon on Staxus: A hot outdoor threesome

I have no doubt that most of you have plenty of the Staxus twink threesome videos in your favorites collection already, but this one is going to make it onto plenty of those lists too when you see it, I’m absolutely sure of that.

I’ve been checking out the gallery for this new scene before the video arrives later, and I picked out some of the sexiest shots for you guys to check out to help you get in the mood. Not that you need any persuading, with boys like Kamyk Walker, Jaxon Radoc and Jake Zhang enjoying some fucking outdoors!

We were expecting some really horny gay outdoor porn scenes this summer, and they haven’t let us down. Although this is likely to be one of the last of the season for outdoor fucking (it’s starting to get chilly out there now and we don’t want our boys loosing any balls to frostbite! lol) it’s definitely one of the bets twink threesome videos we’ve had this summer from the looks of things.

Both Kamyk and Jaxon gets some fucking in this one, and Jake sinks his boner into some hot ass to get his own juicy building up. There’s a lot of cock sucking too by the looks of things, and I know I’m not alone in my love of tasty oral in a video.

Check it out a little later when the video arrives, and make sure you comment on it too, share the love! ;)

A sexy twink threesome video on the Staxus site (1)

A sexy twink threesome video on the Staxus site (2)

A sexy twink threesome video on the Staxus site (3)

A sexy twink threesome video on the Staxus site (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Blond and cute HD

Even though we’ve already had two awesome scenes of gay outdoor sex today, and that should keep a lot of you busy, there is also another hot brand new video on the Staxus site that I’m quite sure is going to have a lot of you spunking out some juice before the final seconds of it fade. It stars the stunning young Jaxon Radoc, who has become a very popular boy already, sharing his big dick and snug hole with fan fave Milan Sharp!

If you’re like me and enjoy a hell of a lot of cock play in your videos then you will absolutely love this one as the boys gobble and wank on each other. We get some really hot frottage fun as Jaxon combines their hard cocks and jacks them both off hard and fast, but there’s more to get the cum flowing than just some oral and hand job action.

Milan’s hot little smooth twink ass is open for fucking, but not before the boy gets his pucker licked and slurped by that horny hung boy. Jaxon does the job, relaxing that tight little hole enough with his mouth and a glass dildo too to sink his shaft inside and give the bottom boy a real good fucking.

And just when you think you know how this is going to go, the boys swap! Yes, it’s another really intense flip-flop fuck, with Milan stealing control and sinking his own juicy shaft into the new boys smooth twink ass.

I know a lot of you love a messy climax to a video, and almost all the scenes we have end with a facial and some splashing cum, but the loads both boys deliver at the end of this video will impress you! Jaxon jacks out a really messy load all over himself, and the Milan wanks out his own cum over the boys face, raining it down all over him and the bed!

Milan Sharp and Jaxon Radoc share some hot smooth twink ass in this bareback scene (1)

Milan Sharp and Jaxon Radoc share some hot smooth twink ass in this bareback scene (2)

Milan Sharp and Jaxon Radoc share some hot smooth twink ass in this bareback scene (3)

Milan Sharp and Jaxon Radoc share some hot smooth twink ass in this bareback scene (4)

Weekly Recap: Playing Doctor, gay sex club, classroom bareback and twink butt fucking

There has been so much hardcore action added to the Staxus site in the last week that I’m sure you’ve all been kept incredibly busy. I guess a lot of you are members already, so you’ve been clicking through to stroke out some juice to these great new scenes. But for those who might not be members – yet – this post should give you a little motivation, putting so much delicious action right in front of you ;)

I’m beginning this with a really horny gay doctor video, starring Blake Hanson and Daniel Prince. This hot scene arrived on Monday, and I know a lot of the members have really been enjoying it. But check out the pics as Daniel sits on that immense uncut cock and you’ll see why it’s so popular!

Blake Hanson is the school doctor fucking the hot hole of twink patient Daniel Prince (1)

We’ve had a few videos on the site recently set in a gay sex club, and when one appeared with Orlando White slamming his big uncut dick into Jaxon Radoc it was a surefire hit before the members even started voting on it. You cannot watch a hot fuck scene with these two boys and not immediately love it. If the names don’t get you clicking to watch it, then the pics of the action definitely will.

Jaxon Radoc submits to the hard uncut raw cock of Orlando White in this gay sex club setting (1)

Something else we’ve been seeing a lot of recently is the gay student sex and classroom bareback fucking, and we had yet more of this hot action this week with Jaxon Radoc welcoming back Jaden Fox! Jaden is a real sexy twink, and alongside gorgeous Jaxon it makes for an amazing video. This twink flip flop fuck scene had plenty of you jerking off!

A gay student bareback fuck scene with Jaxon Radoc and Jaden Fox (1)

Finally, I have to share another really hot doctor themed scene with you, only without the doc! Jaxon Radoc returned once again to share his cock with another boy, and this time he’s raiding the doctors office with fellow bad boy student Tim Law. The boys find some condoms to play with, but that can only lead to a horny suck and fuck for the boys while no one is around to catch them ;)

Hung twink Jaxon Radoc fucks the cum out of bottom twink Tim Law (1)

There’s been a lot more to enjoy over the last week that hasn’t made it to the recap of course, but you’ll just have to click through the updates to check all that out for yourself. I can only share so many in this post, but I have a feeling this will be enough to inspire you ;)

Make sure you come back again this week for more horny hardcore. There’s plenty more where this came from, and more on the way in the coming seven days too.

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