It’s not often that we actually get to witness that really special moment in a boy’s life when he takes cock up his arse for the very first time, but that’s exactly what you can look forward to when you log onto today.

We know what you’re thinking, of course … where’s the proof? Well, of course, the loss of your virginity is not exactly something you can provide definitive evidence for. What we would say, however, is that we at STAXUS aren’t in the habit of deceiving our loyal legion of fans. If we say this was the first time a guy gets fucked, then we really do mean it.

Besides, it’s pretty obvious from Drew Brook’s mannerisms that this is not exactly an everyday encounter for him. Speaking to director, John Smith, it seems the Brit lad was almost overawed by the experience – and the nerves definitely show. Don’t let that put you off, though. If anything, the fact that this is his very first time – ever! – is definitely something of a major turn on!

Besides, he’s clearly in good hands when teamed up with Beno Eker, whose experience in front of the cameras clearly shows as he takes the upperhand in proceedings – fingering the blond boy’s tight little pucker, before filling it for the very first time with a thick, meaty Czech salami!

So what are you waiting for? Head to right now, and let us know your thoughts.