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Featured Scenes: Most Popular Dirty Fuckers Videos

So, if you were here yesterday you know that I decided I’d go through all the different categories and let you guys know which are the three top scenes for each of them. We saw the top three Raw videos yesterday, and now it’s time to move on to the Dirty Fuckers collection and take a good look at some of that horny kinky action.

3. Amazing Triple Penetration Fuckfest Leaves Brit Twink All Spunked Out! HD

I think we all knew that some stretched out hole in the gay double penetration theme would be in the top three for this category, but we can go one better with this video starring Aaron Aurora, Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Matthews. It’s not a gay DP video, it’s a TRIPLE PENETRATION fuck! I know, how do these boys manage to get so much hard uncut cock in their sexy little butts? I don’t know, but Aaron somehow manages to take every dick in the room in his snug little hole and get them all cumming hard!

Aaron takes three raw cocks in his hot little ass

Three big naked dicks for bottom boy Aaron Aurora!


2. Filthy Skaters Love Dildo Play, A Hard Fuck & Loads Of Hot Cum! HD

At number two in this hot category is another scene starring the sexy as hell British twink boy Aaron Aurora, enjoying a bareback kinky fuck session with his friend Marc Sage. There’s some really sexy ass play in this video, with Marc shoving a dildo into the greedy little hole of Aaron. We all know that bottom boy is one of the best when it comes to taking things in his ass, whether it’s a big raw dick (or three!) or a sexy toy, but he’s the one giving his dick to Marc for this scene, and while he has his own hole wrapped around that toy too! Of course, there’s a lot of cum pumping out by the time this bareback twink display finally comes to a close, and I think you’ll be joining in too ;)

Aaron Aurora gives Marc Sage his stiff dick

Marc Sage rides the naked cock of uncut bareback British twink Aaron Aurora


1. Two Kinky Dick-Crazed Fuck-Buddies Choose to Rim, Ride & Open Wide! HD

And in position number one for the Staxus Dirty Fuckers collection… drum roll please… we have some hot as hell twink fisting fun with (at the time) relatively new boy Sven Laarson and Mike Cage! Sven makes an excellent top in this kinky play scene, with the boys feasting on each others dicks in a 69, then some hot rimming and some anal play. The twink fisting in this scene is what I think made it so popular in this category, but the fucking as Sven slides his naked dick in and gives Mike what he wants should not be underestimated. He even uses his foot to fuck the boy too! It’s no surprise there’s so much cum being spewed forth by the time these boys are done, their balls must be aching to unload so bad by the time we reach that point.

Bareback sex and foot fetish in a twink fisting video

Hot boys Sven Laarson and Mike Cage share some twink fisting and foot fun


So, there we have the top three videos in the Staxus Dirty Fuckers collection, as chosen by your votes and comments on the site. I know these three have made it onto so many faves lists I’ll bet some of you will be going back to wank out some cum to one of these videos again today. You might want to stick around on the blog for some pics of a new video coming to the Staxus site soon too. It looks like a real hot one ;)

Coming Soon on Staxus: Amazing Triple Penetration Fuckfest Leaves Brit Twink All Spunked Out!

You remember a few days ago we had some really intense gay triple penetration shots with the gorgeous Staxus twink Aaron Aurora taking three naked dicks in that tight little fuck hole of his? Well, the wait is almost over…

In case you haven’t noticed (it’s easy to be distracted with all the awesome hardcore already on the site), the gallery is now up, and that means that the video is about to arrive very soon. I know a lot of you guys have been waiting to see this, and I’m right there with you too. I don’t know how this boy manages to take so much cock in his sweet little hole, but from the shots I’ve seen he does a great job of it!

I never actually thought that gay triple penetration would even be possible, until I saw those pics. There is no doubt that he does take those three uncut cocks in his hole all at the same time, and none of those boys are exactly below average in the cock meat department either! lol

  • Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Matthews are greedy for that ass in this one, and Aaron Aurora is pretty greedy for all three leaking cocks too. I can’t wait to kick back with a bottle of lube and get this high def scene on my TV tonight! ;)
  • Aaron gets three raw cocks in his tight twink butt! (1)Aaron gets three raw cocks in his tight twink butt! (2)Aaron gets three raw cocks in his tight twink butt! (3)

    Aaron gets three raw cocks in his tight twink butt! (4)

Weekly Recap: New boys, Polls, Cling Film and Gay triple penetration!

I’m really starting to love these weekly recap posts. I know there are some guys here who might only get to the Staxus site once a week, and this post is a great way to just get some of the highlights in one visit. There’s been plenty to appreciate on the Staxus site over the last seven days, so I have to share some of the best bits with you and get some of those pics back here for this one ;)

First of all, we had news of some brand new Staxus boys, and one who is likely to become and exclusive performer for us too. Xander Hollister is his name, and it’s been generally accepted that this gorgeous twink has the sexiest and most fuckable little bubble butt we have ever seen! Don’t believe me? Check that ass for yourself and tell me we’re wrong lol

New scenes and a new sexy boy coming to Staxus - Xander Hollister! (5)Then I have to mention the little poll I threw on here for you guys to answer, checking what kind of action you are all into. It’s nothing to do with the customer surveys Staxus does – the guys in the office pretty much already know what the fans want – I was just being curious about it all and wanted to know what kind of hardcore you all get off on. It turns out most of you love the boy on boy action over everything else, even more than orgies or threesome scenes. That’s a good thing, because we have a lot of hardcore boy on boy fucking! lol

Cling film was the theme for a kinky butt banging action scene with the stunning fan favourite Felix Webster fucking the tight little ass of equally adorable Tim Law. I wasn’t sure about the kinky fetish side of things before seeing that video, but I have to admit that there is something really horny about getting a boy restrained like that and pleasuring his cock for him, before fucking him in the butt and making him cum.

Tim Law gets fuckd bareback by gorgeous uncut lad Felix Webster (1)And finally, we have perhaps one of the most discussed things this week (both on the blog and in he Staxus offices) – the gay triple penetration scene with dedicated bottom boy Aaron Aurora taking three raw cocks in his snug little hole and getting totally fucked! As mentioned in that post, I don’t think that has been done anywhere else before, and it was definitely awesome to see some pics of it.

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (9)As you can see, it’s been an impressive week of news and hardcore fun, and there is plenty more where that came from next week too. I never know what might pop into my inbox from my spy in the office, and I hardly ever know what’s gonna appear on the site next. It’s exciting, and I love it! Stay tuned to the blog, and make sure you join the mailing list too so you don’t miss out on any of the latest scenes!

Staxus Gossip: Another Gay Triple Penetration Shoot?

You guys know that I have my secret spy in the Staxus office, right? I started adding some gossip to the blog a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be doing quite well with all the readers here. But It’s always good to hear about what might be coming in the future.

After the post yesterday showing some pics of the sexy young twink Aaron Aurora getting some gay triple penetration in a fourgy, the response was quite good. It seems I’m not the only one looking forward to that scene arriving!

The blog post apparently caused some discussion in the office too, with a few of the guys talking about how they could get some more gay triple penetration action into a scene in the future. They have something in the planning with four or more boys, and it’s been suggested that they might film some more of this hardcore action in an orgy scene coming up!

Rest assured I’m gonna be listening for more talk about that in the coming weeks. I think this might be something that no other sites are doing, and with boys like Aaron Aurora willing to take as much cock as they can in their hot little butts I think we could be in for an intense ride! ;)

In case you didn’t see that post yesterday, here’s a great pic of sexy Aaron getting his butt hole filled with three big raw dicks!

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (9)

Coming Soon on Staxus: Gay Triple Penetration With Aaron Aurora!

Holy crap on a cracker! This is one of those scenes that will probably go down in history with the Staxus fans as one of the most intense and horny fourway fucks ever caught on camera. I am not kidding when I say that this is going to blow your socks off, and blow the load from your balls in magnificent style too! lol

We all know that Aaron Aurora is one of those bottom boys who can never get enough raw cock in his tight little butt. And we have all seen him getting plenty of it with the other boys on the site too. But he has never appeared in a gay triple penetration scene… in fact, I’m not entirely sure any boy has appeared in a gay triple penetration scene – ever! lol

He’s in the middle of a hard dick sandwich, with an extra side helping of more cock too as Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Williams all enjoy his tight little hole and gang up to stretch him with all three shafts at once!

Okay guys, I think I might need to take a break here and think about this for a little while. The idea of double penetration makes my ass hurt just a little, but a gay triple penetration fuck?! Just looking at these pics makes me want to smear my ass with Vaseline lol

Check out the pics, and stay tuned to the blog and the site, you will not want to miss this ;)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (1)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (2)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (3)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (4)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (5)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (6)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (7)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (8)

Gay triple penetration action in a fourgy fuck! (9)

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