Well, I’m not surprised this bareback twink threesome has gained so much attention and love from the fans, are you?

I was just reading through the comments on this new one and it seems that everyone is of the same opinion; it’s a great scene!

Something else has been suggested though, and I would like to add my name to the list of those who want to see it… Noah Matous needs to be gang fucked in an orgy scene. There are some boys who are just perfect for such a scenario, and I think we all know that he is one of those boys :)

Until we get that (and I have a feeling we might now that several members have suggested it) we have this excellent new bareback twink threesome to enjoy, and I know if you haven’t seen it yet you will definitely enjoy it when you click through to check it out. It should be noted that this threesome is special for another reason other than all three boys being gorgeous – they’re also all Staxus Exclusives too!

Noah is definitely the focus of the party for this one, with Victor Diamond (who seems to have moved on a little from stony-faced expressions lol) and Shane Hirch sharing his mouth, cock and ass between them. The best part of this one has to be the train fucking though. I can just imagine what it might feel like to be in the middle of that, and I might actually have to try to make it happen.

I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to get a couple of volunteers lol

If you didn’t check out some of the pics yesterday click through and read that post for a little more info on the scene, or just click through to the site and stroke one out with the boys. Here, have some more pics.