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Featured Scene: Stuffed full of meat at both ends

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far. I am, I have another evening out planned and a potential hook up with a buddy I haven’t seen for a while, so of course I’m checking out some of the Staxus videos to get me a little more in the mood – I’m still a little hung over from last night! lol

I have a great twink spitroast video for you guys to enjoy before I get to sharing some photos from a new gallery on the site, and I probably only have to mention that it features Jay Renfro to have you all eager to check it out. If that didn’t do it, then saying that this is another one of the amazing gay DP videos will!

There are a few names on the site that are pretty synonymous with the Staxus name, and I think he’s one of them. He’s one of the greediest twinks I think I have ever seen on the site, and that’s saying something considering some of the other incredibly greedy boys we have right now.

He’s getting it in both ends from Johny Hunter and Jose Manuel in this classic scene, but the sight of him taking both those dicks in his ass at the same time is undoubtedly the real highlight. It’s always amazing to watch a boy being stuffed with dick like that, but he takes it all in his stride, which I guess just shows once again how talented he is as a performer.

Check it out on the site by searching on “Stuffed full of meat at both ends”, you’ll be adding this twink spitroast video to your faves, after wanking out a load to it of course ;)

A gay DP fuck starring Johny Hunter, Jose Manuel and Jay Renfro (1)

A gay DP fuck starring Johny Hunter, Jose Manuel and Jay Renfro (2)

A gay DP fuck starring Johny Hunter, Jose Manuel and Jay Renfro (3)

A gay DP fuck starring Johny Hunter, Jose Manuel and Jay Renfro (4)


New Scene on Staxus: Two Horny White Bois Get Blacked – And One Gets His Cute, Hungry Ass Double-Dicked! HD

I have to start this post off by pointing out that so many of the Staxus members have been extremely appreciative of this amazing gay interracial orgy video, voting it up, adding it to their faves lists and commenting about how amazingly hot it is, and I have to say that having watched it myself I am in complete agreement!

This video was added as a bit of an extra surprise for the members, and it seems to have done the job of putting smiles on faces and boners in hands ;)

It stars a collection of amazing performers, with hung black hunks Alejandro Marbena and Devon LeBron teaming up with power bottom Troy Stevenson and sexy new star Jace Reed.

All the cock swapping oral that goes on between these guys is already amazing, but you will be stunned when you see the anal action these guys enjoy. Troy is the real star of this gay interracial orgy, cementing his place amongst the boys as one of the greediest bottoms. Not only is he eager to take cock after cock in his tight pale ass, he’s getting a DP fucking too!

Yep, I know you guys love seeing two big raw cocks being crammed into one hole, and you are going to love seeing Troy taking it in this scene. If you haven’t watched this one yet I’m gonna tell you to stop reading, click through and get your dick in your hand – you are going to LOVE this video ;)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (1)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (2)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (3)

Three hung boys fuck their bottom twink buddy in this amazing orgy (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Beer, cigarettes, and double penetration HD

After reading the comments on this new gay interracial orgy video that arrived on the Staxus site today I have discovered the reason for the overdose in hardcore we’ve suddenly seen. It’s Elco’s birthday, and he decided that the best way to celebrate it was to give us all something special to enjoy!

Happy birthday Elco! ;)

The result is an awesome orgy fuck with some of the most gorgeous studs on the site. Dick Casey, Benjamin Dunn, Devon LeBron and Alejandro Marbena are the guys sharing their totally amazing cocks and butt holes in this one, with some extremely hot action that you are not going to want to miss.

You all know that Dick discovered he loves the feel of a big cock in his ass towards the end of last year, and we get more prof of his growing lust for ass fucking in this video. He doesn’t just take one dick in that smooth European jock hole, he gets a double penetration too!

There’s a lot of kinky fun in this one, with smoking, foot fetish, foreskin docking and more besides, but I think most of you will be wanting to see that fit jock boy riding two cocks at once ;)

The feast of sucking and rimming leads to Dick impaling his pink ass on Benjamin’s stiff inches as Devon and Alejandro continue their oral fun, but soon the boy is taking more than one cock in that tight pink picker and being stretched to the limit!

The bukkake finish Dick takes at the end of this one is real hot, but he beats them all with his famous splashing and squirting shots as he wanks out his own juices while the guys rub all their combined cum into his muscled physique.

This is one of the best gay interracial orgy videos I have ever watched, and it’s all because of Elco and his birthday, so again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELCO! ;)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (1)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (2)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (3)

Dick Casey takes on three big uncut dicks and a gay DP fuck with a bukkake finish! (4)

Weekly Recap: Twink flip flop bareback, a gang bang of four boys, a twink orgy video and a gay DP fuck

With so much happening over the last week I was a little concerned that this recap post might turn into something far longer than previous recap posts, so I’ve had to distill things down and present some of the absolute cream of the crop instead. I don’t think you guys will mind that at all, I know that most of you are regular readers of the blog anyway so you’ve probably been keeping up to date on all the new horny shenanigans ;)

For those of you who might have missed out on some of the best bits from the last seven days, this post should help you out and direct you to some of the horniest hardcore we’ve seen on the site in that time. So, kick back, enjoy, and have wank in the process lol

Of course, I have to start this off with the new arrival on the Staxus site at the beginning of the week, with gorgeous Jaxon Radoc giving up his sweet ass for Will Sims to sink his boner into, and sharing his own shaft with his tanned twinky friend too. It was a great flip flop fuck, with both boys clearly loving every second of the action as they did everything they could to get their cocks spewing out the juice. I will admit that I dumped my own wad to this more than once!

Will Sims and Jaxon Radoc share their hard uncut cocks and tight little holes in this mutual fucking scene (4)Although that scene had a lot of you clicking through to spill some ball juice, the next new arrival did more. It’s a twink orgy video that really impressed the fans of the site, with some of the most impressive you men all enjoying a mess of cock sucking and ass fucking between them. Aaron Aurora, David Hanson, Kurt Maddox and Oscar Roberts were all hungry for cock in this gay gang bang, and although the train fucking was impressive I know that a lot of you were wanking out your nutt to the sight of young Aaron being covered in cum from all his friends!

Aaron Aurora, David Hanson, Kurt Maddox and Oscar Roberts in a new twink orgy! (1)You guys know I love going back through the scenes on the site to check out some videos that I think deserve some attention, and I did just that on Thursday when I found this excellent twink orgy with Fery Kopp, John Magiaty, Ronnie Badell, Michail Asky and Alan Capier. The sight of three boys enjoying their cocks gets another two boys horny for some fun when they discover what they’re up to, and it results in an amazing group session that has to be watched by all the greedy fans out there. If you haven’t seen this one yet, click through for some more pics and then watch the video.

Five boys share their wet uncut cocks in a bareback orgy with lots of gooey cum (1)And finally, I have to share some of the horniest hardcore we saw this week, with the gay DP video starring Staxus exclusive Tim Law, lean and smooth Jace Reed and buff new guy Boris Orla. As if the uniform theme wasn’t enough, we were treated to an amazing fuck session with both those uncut hung boys shoving their dicks into Tim’s tight little hole at once, and fucking him to a messy finale of cum splashing that should have had every one of you blasting out your juice too. Click through to see some more pics of this one if you haven’t taken a look already.

Tim Law gets double dicked in a threesomeSee what I mean about it being a hot and horny week of hardcore? I can’t imagine the guys in the office beating this display of action in the coming week, but I know they have a few incredible scenes lined up for release. Stick around to see all of that, but make sure you check out these videos too ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Fucked hard on the floor HD

I didn’t think it was possible, but it seems the religiously themed hardcore on the Staxus site has reached another level of complete and utter horniness with this gay bareback threesome!

It seems that all the kinky fun young Sven Laarson has been enjoying has resulted in him being excommunicated. That must be a real risk for cock-hungry monks like him, but he doesn’t really seem to be too concerned about it.

New twink star Darryl Declan is the one delivering the news of his misfortune (or, perhaps, the news of his freedom) and Sven wastes little time enjoying his new status. It appears that Darryl is interested in exactly why Sven is in the position he’s now in, leaning in for a kiss and soon rubbing his big uncut cock against Sven’s always-hard shaft!

Mutual sucking and some truly hot bareback ensues, with Darryl sinking his lengthy shaft into Sven and fucking him from behind, and on the floor. When fresh-faced Brad arrives (the perfect priest!) and finds them going at it he can’t wait to invite himself to the party.

That’s when the fun truly begins, with both boys positioning their cocks side-by-side and Sven sliding down on both, getting a deep and thick DP session. I know we’ve had a lot of DP porn over the last six months, but this has to be one of the horniest gay bareback threesome scenes of all.

An incredible double cum facial from Darryl and Brad has Sven spitting cum and spewing his own wad from his wanked cock!

I knew this scene was going to be popular, and it’s being voted up and commented on by some of the members right now. If you haven’t watched it yet then you should click through to enjoy the show ;)

Brad Fitt and Darryl Declan both fuck the tight ass of Sven Laarson

Coming Soon on Staxus: A bible banging threesome with Sven, Will and Adrian

Well, the religious theme is continuing on the Staxus site with this new gallery, showing us what we can expect from a new video due to arrive on the site starring Adrian Smallwood, Sven Laarson and Will Sims. From the looks of things this is one gay threesome video that will have plenty of you “beating the bishop” when it arrives ;)

I know I’m not the only one looking forward to the arrival of this horny scene, and already the gallery is getting comments and votes from the members before the video has even arrived or a full description of the action is provided.

The clergy are definitely abandoning their faith for this one, with a holy communion of hard uncut cock slipping between sucking lips and hot wet tongues dancing over throbbing helmets. The boys get plenty of sucking in before some snug and smooth little ass is being offered.

And, is that some full-on gay DP fucking I can see Sven taking from his two fellow sinners? Yes, I think it is, but then I guess we’ve become quite accustomed to seeing a gay threesome video like this one descend into the depths of greedy cock-lust with some hole being stretched out by two shafts ;)

I am so looking forward to this video you don’t even know! lol

A new gay threesome video with Will Sims and Adrian Smallwood fucking Sven Laarson! (1)

A new gay threesome video with Will Sims and Adrian Smallwood fucking Sven Laarson! (2)

A new gay threesome video with Will Sims and Adrian Smallwood fucking Sven Laarson! (3)

A new gay threesome video with Will Sims and Adrian Smallwood fucking Sven Laarson! (4)

Weekly Recap: Gay DP, Will Sims, rough fucking and some gay shaving too!

Can you believe it’s December already? I have been avoiding it up until now, but I suppose it must be time to start shopping for Christmas gifts. Being a blogger, I will of course be doing it all online ;)

Speaking of which, you might want to keep checking the blog over the coming couple of weeks, because I’m sure there are going to be some special Christmas deals for DVD sales. I have no word on that yet, but I’m guessing that will be arriving soon.

So, what have we seen on the Staxus site this past week that’s worthy of another mention? Plenty, in fact. I’ll have to reduce this down to my best picks of the last seven days and get you checking out some of the scenes that I think were the best of the bunch…

We’ve had a lot of new gay DP scenes on the site recently, but there are plenty further back in the site too. I found one threesome DP fuck with some chain fucking too. Inmates Kevin Bros and Ric Jones start the fun with some wanking and sucking, but when guard John Magiaty catches them going at it he’s inviting himself to the party too.

A gay DP fucking for John Magiaty (1)

We also saw the return of sexy young twink Will Sims this week too. He’s been missing from the action on the site for a while, but he got a great welcome back in a new twink bareback video with new boy Peter Nover. He certainly hasn’t lost his lust for dick during his time away, and he gets a great ride on the new boys boner.

Peter Nover and Will Sims in a fucking and fisting scene (3)

Another older scene that definitely deserves another mention is the rough gay fucking with Neil Cross and Chris Vipurs teaming up to feed and fuck young captive John Paul. He may be considered a “victim” in this threesome, but he sure loves all that dick sliding into him from those horny tops!

Neil Cross and Chris Vipurs team up to fuck John Paul in this gay threesome video (1)

You guys know we have a lot of gay kinky porn on the site, but the whole gay shaving thing is something I know a couple of the members on the forum wanted to see. We got a taste of that in a new video with Connor Levi and the hot top Boris Orla this past week too. I know a lot of the guys loved this video, not only for the kinky aspect but because Boris is a great top, and Connor is of course always a great bottom!

Boris Orla gives Connor Levi a hot fuck in this gay shaving video (1)

That’s just a taste of what we’ve seen over the last seven days, but I think it’s going to keep most of you busy tonight if you haven’t been checking out these videos already.

I hope you have a good Sunday, and that you’ll be back tomorrow for some more hardcore fun on the Staxus blog ;)

Weekly Recap: Dick sucking, gay DP, Boris Orla topping, Alex Stevens and some twink fisting!

Another week has flown by, but we’ve had a lot of great hardcore scenes on the Staxus blog in that time. A few of them most definitely deserve some exposure, and I’m mixing it up with old and new action on the blog today.

I have to start with the great cock sucking scene we saw on Monday with Nikandro Sideropulos having his hung uncut cock sucked by his buddy John. I love dick swallowing scenes like this, and that guys meat is one of the most delicious looking hooded shafts I think I’ve ever seen. I would spend hours sucking on that thing and draining him of his juice ;)

Nikandro Sideropulos gets his big uncut dick sucked and drained by his friend (4)

It’s no secret that we love gay DP videos on the Staxus site, and when one comes along you can be sure that it’s going to get a hell of a lot of attention from the fans. This past week we saw a new scene with Oscar Roberts having his hole stretched open with the bare dicks of Benjmin Dunn and Adrian Smallwood, and it was such a good scene that it got a lot of good feedback and comments. Click through to see more pics from this hardcore and watch the video if you haven’t already.

Adrian Smallwood, Benjamin Dunn and Oscar Roberts in a new gay double penetration fuck (2)

A new scene that I certainly cannot miss out on sharing again was the new arrival with the ripped young hottie Boris Orla ramming his raw inches into the tight hole of bottom buddy Sven Laarson. I knew this one would have me wanking out more than one cum load when I saw the photos, and I wasn’t wrong. This boy knows how to fuck, and Sven definitely knows how to take it!

Boris Orla and Sven Laarson in a new gay bareback fuck video at Staxus (2)

I also found another scene with fan fave Alex Stevens this last week too, getting some amazing cock sucking done with Jose Fernando before giving up his welcoming ass for his friend to slide his naked shaft into. I know we all miss not seeing Alex in new videos, but there’s a lot out there of this versatile boy in action and this one should be in any fans collection.

Alex Stevens gets every inch of the big twink cock of his friend Jose Fernando (1)

Finally, I have the twink fisting scene from this week to share with you all once again too. I cannot believe how horny this one is, seeing Orlando White power fucking the hot little hole of greedy bottom Matt Johnson. The fucking should be enough to have any sane and horny viewer splooging a load out, but the wet and slippery twink fist fucking the boy takes is not to be missed.

Orlando White stretches the tight twink hole of young bottom Matt Johnson (4)That’s about all I guess. Of course there was more than this, but these are some of the highlights I wanted to pick out for you guys once more. Its a hot way to end the week, and there’s enough here to keep those stroking hands busy! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night, and I’ll see you back here for more tomorrow!

Weekly Recap: Dick Casey bottoms, behind the scenes, Benjamin Dunn and a new boy, and hot new hunk Tom!

It’s been an action-packed week on the Staxus blog and members area, and although it’s hard for me to reduce it all down into one post of highlights, I have to try to achieve that with this end-of-week recap. I think I’ve done pretty well to share some of the best hardcore we’ve seen over the last sever days in this one post, but make sure you click through to check out anything else you might have missed – there’s been so much happening!

Of course, one of the most memorable highlights of the last week was seeing Dick Casey giving up his ass and being a bottom for sweet and sexy twink Adam Brooke in a flip flop fuck scene. This gorgeous young man has delighted plenty of the members over the last few years, but seeing him sitting on some hard dick and clearly loving it has really pushed him into the limelight once again – as if he ever left it! lol

Gorgeous European jock boy Dick Casey gets some raw cock in his hole from twink boy Adam Brooke (4)

Another very interesting update this week was the Behind The Scenes video on set with some of the most gorgeous boys as they make magic for the cameras. I love these sneaky peeks at what goes on, and I know a lot of the members do too. If you haven’t seen that video yet then you might want to click through and take a look at what it’s like for these horny boys sharing their cocks with guys filming them ;)

A new Staxus Behind The Scenes video on the site (1)

Big-balled hottie Benjamin Dunn was back on video again this week sliding his immense cock into the snug little ass of twinky bottom boy Milo Milis. Another new young man getting some dick is always going to have the attention of the fans, and Benjamin has a considerable following of fans always willing to enjoy his performances. Check out the action as his swinging balls spank that boys taint and he gets his boner deep in that hot little ass!

Milo Milis gives up his tight hole for the hard uncut raw cock of bareback boy Benjamin Dunn (1)

Finally, I have to share another image of one of the sexiest young men I think I have seen arrive on the Staxus site in recent months. I know nothing about him right now other than his name is Tom, but I know that many of you will be lusting after this stunningly well-built and handsome young hunk when you’ve seen him rubbing his raw cock against the boner Dick Casey has inside the ass of Connor Levi. Check out that gay DP video as soon as you can, because you will probably be begging for more from this handsome young buff jock after seeing him ;)

tattooed-threesome-005See what I mean? There’s been a lot of great new action on the Staxus site this week, and the blog has been pretty much buzzing with new action, new faces and some totally ball draining hardcore. Make sure you stick around and keep coming back to find out the latest from the site, I have a feeling we’re about to have another amazing week of jizz worthy scenes arriving to get you off ;)

Featured Scene: Dildo and raw cock

I know that there are a lot of things you guys love to see in a video. Over the last year especially I’ve worked out pretty well that you guys really get off gay DP action, uncut cocks, cummy holes and toy play, and this video from the Staxus Dirty Fuckers collection on the site gives you all of that and more. So, of course I have to share it with you guys on the blog ;)

Although both these boys get plenty of fucking in this twink flip flop video, it’s Will Forbes getting most of the action from dark-haired Dave Paris.

They start out with the obligatory cock sucking, with both slurping and swallowing as much intact boy meat as they can get in a 69. Some ass is fingered and played with to loosen it up, and then the dick slides in raw and hard, fucking deep.

That’s not all of course, because soon a vibrator is being used in that snug hole too, and Dave manages to squeeze his own throbbing cock in that opening along with it!

The guys swap, with Will taking a turn in the hot hole of his buddy Dave, fucking him on his back until he;s right there at the edge, then pulling out to splash his cum all over his ass. The sight of him sliding his soggy cock right back into that drenched hole is enough to have more guys unloading, but he gets the same back from his friend before the video is over.

This is a twink flip flop video with a lot more than just that going for it, and definitely one that you should all be checking out ;)

Will Forbes and Dave Paris share their uncut cocks and hot holes in this gay bareback scene (1)

Will Forbes and Dave Paris share their uncut cocks and hot holes in this gay bareback scene (2)

Will Forbes and Dave Paris share their uncut cocks and hot holes in this gay bareback scene (3)

Will Forbes and Dave Paris share their uncut cocks and hot holes in this gay bareback scene (4)

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