”So I’ve decided to try and find my limits …“

Yep, that pretty much sums up big dicked Alex Whale‘s initial motivation to shoot gay porn with Europe’s best studio! No other business combines pure sexual pleasure with sheer endless possibilities to stuff things – and cocks! – up a young man’s tight arse!

Okay, let’s be honest: Alex’s arse definitely isn’t tight anymore, for he has a natural predisposition to be able to stretch his sphincter to an almost unbelievable extent! I wouldn’t be surprised to see him with three cocks or a mega-mega dildo between his sweet cheeks in the not-too-distant future!

For now, however, he starts to test his physical limits with the two rock hard boners of Beno Eker and Navon Raffi, who not only shove their naked shafts simultaneously into the boy’s hot guts; but also present us with a really hot sight of Alex’s gaping arse in the 19th minute.

Stop the scene at 18:45, and you can enjoy the sight of this freshly fucked rosebud. No question about it, we love to see gaping in young men’s arses! Oh… to cum on that hole must be fucking wonderful!

Wait, I’ll ask Beno and Navon; for both had the pleasure to cream Alex’s wonderful boycunt after a hot DP session.

Guys, there’s so much cum in this scene, I’m almost blushing… almost ;)

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